First post...
2010-02-21 @ 12:03:44
My first post...
I have many problems with English, but I'm still learning this language and I hope that this website helps me.
I'm really sad and feel so tired with my life. I want change many things, but I can't. Maybe I'm scared, maybe I'm to weak. Maybe...Nevermind.
Susie Suh in my loudspeakers. "All I want" this is really good song. Voice Susie caress my soul...
Today I'm going to the railway station, get on the train...and come back to the big city.
I'm waiting for You, but You don't believe me and my words. I want to tell you so many things. I miss you so much...but this doesn't change anything.

Hello Natala! I have just read your post. my English isnt so good as well, and I have the same hope like you..Tell me, what is going on with you...why are you so you have a broken heart?
Hi Rudolf...I was very happy when I read your comment. Why I am so sad? This is hard question. It's many reasons of my sadness. One of them is a broken heart. I think that my boyfriend lied and cheated on me, but I can't go away. I didn't see him for four weeks. I'm trying to explain everything. This situation is very complicated. Second reason of my sadnees is my father's disease, but I still trying to keep smile and I hope that everything will be allright....
Don't worry. Keep working. Nothing is too hard, but some things needs time. Remember about it.

Good Luck

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