About family:)
2008-03-20 @ 12:52:16
Is Thursday, outside is much snow:( I don't like winter, I don't like when is cold, I don't like caps and scarfes:( I like summer, holiday, shine... But is march, so snow is normal thing.
I write about my family. My mother's is Lucyna. My father's is Edward. I have two brothers, one sister and a cat. My brothers and sister are younger that me. I wanted have a older brother, but I thinking that I have amazing family now:)
We live is small village near Żywiec. I love this place. The corner is beautiful and there are fantastic people...

I also live in willage. And I'm proud with this reason:) This is beautiful place. My willage names Ochotnica Górna and it's near Nowy Targ.

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