My first note...
2008-03-19 @ 15:52:28
I learn english for 6 years, but I thing that my english is very bad:( So I decided that I creative my english blog. I believe that this will interesting adventure:)
I wait for commnents:)

I started write here about 2 weeks ago an I'm glad with it. ;] I hope you'll be, too.
I have written here for 3 months and now I see than my english is better:) you'll see too. I wish you the best:) And look forward for your next post...
welcome, have a nice time, writting blog is interesting idea and it's useful.Best wishes
Thank you very much for your advise.I think you're right I will miss math and take taxi. You will understand all of my posts :)you'll see.Why did you think that you would not understand my post ?But I'm glad that you read my post and gave me an advise.By the way you've got nice logo.Kisses
PS I copied my comment(from my blog) and added on your page because I wasn't sure if you visit my blog once again this day.
Hi and WELCOME!!!
It will be very interesting adventure, believe me :)
I can see that you write very good :)
Good luck!!! :*

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