2 minutes
2008-06-29 @ 20:38:06
When after an hour of waiting in traffic jam he managed to arrive in home it seemed that anyone was there. There has been a heat wave for a few days. All he was dreaming about was having shower so he went straight to bathroom. He opened the door. Phoebe was sitting on the floor and staring at the piece of plastic lying in front of her. She raised her eyesight and looked to his face. And then he realised what is this "plastic".

- Are.. Are you..?

- I don't know. I have to wait 2 minutes.. Will you sit here and wait with me..? - she added after a while.

- Of course! - he dropped into the floor next to her.

For a minute both of them were silent. What could they say? They were collecting millions of thoughts with difficulty.

- Jesse.. I am scared. - she finally whispered. - I haven't planned it, not now.. my studies and...

- Nothing is sure. - he hugged her strongly although he had the same fears. - You'll see that everything..

- Oh my God! Jesse! Line..
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