2006-11-21 @ 19:58:08
Hey, I'm Natalia but for fiends i'm nana... i'm very crazy girl... I planning go to school to Lublin,I will be writing to U, about school and of course about ENGLISH, I want to pass the exam in the future, but i'm propably very stupid... hehe KISSES 4 U ;*yeah

I love U my stupid nanu:):)Do you love mi too?I have hope that so:):)
Asia from forest :D
U know, if you write about plans you should use future tense (will) but if you are sure that sth will happen you can use present progressive. So you shuld wite "I'm planning.." instead of "I plannig".
OFC don't worry about it beacause it is small mistake. :P
So if you want learn english I will comment your notes in english :)
And remember - I LOVE U NANU TOO :D:D:D
And I got information about "bursa". It cost 150 zł per month without food. If You want eat there you can buy breakfasts, dinners and suppers (but I think you won't have a time to eat dinners so the best will be to eat only breakasts and suppers - like my friends who live there). So, breakfasts and suppers cost about 90 - 100 zł per month.
If you want live there you should talk with headmaster of our school and with headmaster of "bursa". If you have any questions - ask me - I will try to help you but I can't promise just now, because I have lot of work here.
CU :*
P.S. I like this colour :P

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