2014-12-31 @ 21:58:24
In the coming year, I wish you health and every success. A lot of fun and that you were always smiling. Much love and tenderness. And that ye may never changed.

I love you ♥

50. Nobody is perfect but remember:
"This way you are,
you're cool, you don't have to be perfect"

New Year's resolutions ;p
2014-12-31 @ 21:51:58
1. be more open to the people
2. read more books
3. be nicer
4. find time for yourself

49. This song always improves my mood and it is beautiful ♥

2014 :)
2014-12-31 @ 21:45:09
2014 years was for me a beautiful time. I was on 4 important for me to concerts: at the jam (twice), happysad, Luxtorpeda. I met many important people to me. Also survived my little suffering. I hope that 2015 years will be even better than the last.

48. very positive song. ♥

"I was a friend of the devil"
2014-12-30 @ 23:29:21
The cover of the book in the first moment caught my eye. These her eyes. Demonic. The title intrigued me very much and I started to wonder ... Can you make friends with the Devil? Why would someone chooses Satan for a friend? In what circumstances you need to look for to find in him a soul mate? Can this relationship be called true friendship? What will be the consequences?

The whole story starts when Asia with her mother visited a fortune teller - Samantha. Woman's piercing gaze girl will haunt for many years. But does this look did not belong to someone else. Maybe that's the devil, who later used and mastered Asi life for a very long time. And she always called him my friend ...

The author vividly portrays the influence of interpersonal relations on the tragic situation which the main character has become Asia. In the early part of the book describes in great detail how "bad" parents-in-law marriage destroyed the girl turned the loving her against her father, been separated from him, was zołzą over its benevolent husband. Asia felt abandoned by all, forgotten, she could not confide in her career doing mother, grandmother did not allow contact with his father. And that's when the girl started talking with the Devil. It became her only "friend" who is able to entrust their innermost secrets. But all the time he had a negative influence on their actions and thoughts. Asia grew and became more and more "evil", did more and more gruesome things that only to please Him. Until there was a tragedy ...

The book made me realize that a lack of love, time for another person may bring dramatic consequences. Can lead to irreversible things. I think that this book is like a warning bell for all those who are at the present time are involved in the pursuit of worldly goods, forgetting about love, intimacy, niesieniu support, or simply assist comforting. After reading this book will always, despite the constant flood of duties, I will be able to find the time to "live a little" of loved ones, and not just to be among them. After all, what is the money, for which no one would give to kill compared with a good family relationship.

The reading was written two types of fonts, so that the reader can more easily distinguish between history and the history of the parents Asi main character possessed by the devil. First-person narrative is applied when it comes to the part on the victims of evil. This allows you to really get to know the thoughts and deeds of a person, in which Satan entered. The book was also used in the third-person narrative chapters, in which the author described the experiences of parents, grandparents Asia. This diversity I think is a very good literary treatment. Not only that, it's still reading diversifies the recipient can better understand the background of all the events.

The book intriguing and extremely addictive. Sometimes shocking. Wojciech Jaron simple language used here, which further enhances the reality of media. Used many dialogues which certainly accelerates the action. The book with a moral. Stimulates reflection.

47. "yet I hear voices in my head,
messy thoughts, peeled nails, broken hair"

Very good day :)
2014-12-30 @ 23:23:49
Today was very cool. I talked a lot with my grandmother, and it brought back a lot of memories. but it really was beautiful.
the worst was that I was a long time at the dentist.
but I'm not complaining.

46. This song evokes many memories. ♥

New Year's Eve
2014-12-30 @ 23:13:48
Tomorrow is New Year's Eve. I hate that day. I feel that if everything ends. and it is depressing.

45. "Body and mind in permanent disunity
Eternally against each other
Eternally as hostile armies" ♥

My plans for the future ♥
2014-12-29 @ 23:41:37
First I'm going to finish high school and go to high school on the legal and social profile. because my dream is to become a psychologist. Then I'm going to go to college. I plan to start a family and fulfill all your dreams. ♥

44. "And I will love you, baby - Always
And I'll be there forever and a day - Always
I'll be there till the stars don't shine
Till the heavens burst and the words don't rhyme
And I know when I die, you'll be on my mind
And I'll love you always" ♥

Yesterday :D
2014-12-29 @ 23:35:14
Yesterday was boring. Aut the only nice thing about it is that it has renewed contact with the people I care for filaments. And it is beautiful <3

43. I discovered this song yesterday and fell in love with her. ♥

Today :)
2014-12-29 @ 23:31:48
Today I was shopping in Radom. I bought 3 books and 2 candles. the book is: "If I stay", "Time of Honor" and "slightly biased". and candles are scented soaps and cranberry and orange. today was a very good :)

42. ♥

Tomorrow ^^
2014-12-29 @ 23:26:05
Tomorrow is a busy day. tomorrow from 10 am at the grandmother, then I have a dentist, and this wszytskiego come my Godfather from Warsaw. but I think it would be cool :)

41. "I'm not going to think today
And leave it for tomorrow
You are my muse
My silence, my
I'm not going to think today
You are my matins" ♥

"hot / cold"
2014-12-28 @ 23:56:48
Cuba Kawalec, if there was a leader Happysad admits to problems with Wen. Recipe of the day is not to be shared, team-improvised creation of new songs in the rural comfort. Can you? As it turns out, and yes. Heat / cold is a solid portion of good melodies, interesting arrangements, and for that yet - musical experiments which, like "water moisturizing your lips" sonic formula refreshes the team. Poznan compositionally simple could be the next installment pidżamowych punk-inspired, but it is not - it's new / cold wave and 80s (the belt bows Joy Division, The Cure and early U2). The blood brings gothic atmosphere of romantic songs of Tiamat, while the dynamic on the saliva in the chorus and solo arranged by a very modern - so funny-sad play Good Charlotte Good Morning Revival. Next: Bridge on the curve resembles a parodic work of Czeslaw Mozila, dance without anesthesia fits into the still fashionable trend started in the last decade by Franz Ferdinand. And yet we are still here I'm running straight into the fire with electronic drums, guitar and giant icy reverb, and sung in duet with Marcelina we shall not cry. Here feminine and specifically structured text (we will not cry and tremble, or surreptitiously wipe your nose) can be correlated with the work of Kate Nosowska. In this context, the whole Let me opening and title track appear surprisingly conservative, referring to the good old inspiration (first to the violence of Sunny Day Real Estate, the second - jazgotliwości and nervousness Pixies).

It is so rich and very cleverly with - as always - the hit potential. And yet there is something in this album, which does not allow me to enjoy it as any previous proposal Happysad. As if to heat / cold ordinary naturalness team has been supplanted by the artistic sophistication, and unpretentiousness disappeared under the weight of texts such as I run straight into the fire or to the blood (blood rub me sin, let him writhing, let tearing up). Really only slightly falls here without anesthesia, carrying the vitality of the hit Calves and known for concerts Nothing changed - typical Happysad in the best style of the early recordings of the group. The new face of the team convinces me the most in the installment of the bonus, "hidden" track Old Town - a beautiful, poetic text, sounds like radioheadowego OK Computer - a real pearl. For the rest ... you need to get used to.

40. \m/ ♥

"The last song"
2014-12-28 @ 23:47:12
Life seventeen 'Ronnie' is turned upside down after the shocking information about his parents' divorce and her father moved from New York City to Tybee Island, Georgia. Three years later, the heroine still feel anger and alienates himself from his parents. The mother believes that the best idea for your daughter, you will go to his father and spend years with him. Ronnie's father, a former pianist and teacher, leads a quiet life absorbed in creating a work of art, which has become the center of a local church.

The film is based on the book by Nicholas Sparks.
Book very touching and full of feelings. I like very much and have not yet read it once.

39. ♥

"Wreck this journal"
2014-12-28 @ 23:32:22
This book is different from all that you have seen so far. This journal, which allows you to convert the destruction of creation, your imagination and express your emotions!

Using ingenious, but curiously illustrated templates, recognized artist Keri Smith encourages you to make acts of destruction and experiments in the diary to awaken the true process of creation.

The idea of the journal is its creative "destruction", "get dirty", "aging," by any, very personal, sometimes abstract, but always creative interpretation of the tasks proposed in its pages. These commands may seem unconventional puncture sites, painting hands, pouring coffee, crushing log sheets or take a shower - not, however, understand them too literally, but only as a hint to use their own imagination and consolidate their states of mind, experience, and observation of the surrounding world. Each log is a unique work of its creator, giving his personality and perception of reality.

38. "You say I'm crazy
'Cause you don't think I know what you've done
But when you call me "baby"
I know I'm not the only one"

No song selected to the topic, but very beautiful. ♥

"Diary of a drug addict,"
2014-12-27 @ 23:44:14
"Diary of a drug addict," tells the story of the author's authentic experiences, Barbara Rosiek. I think that perfectly describes the mechanism of addiction and treatment: from the first to take a drug to cure the disease, although perhaps a full recovery, we should not talk. Distributed years of lies and crimes, because there is probably nothing that would not do a drug addict on hunger, combat and re-downs. Stays in psychiatric hospitals for detoxification, in prison, and the first steps after his release, addressed to the "hut" - for drugs.

The book drew me from the beginning and I decided to read further. I really like the whole of the first part. I mean the action until the next attempt suicide heroine of the age of 21 - 25 June 1980. In the second part I do not like that the author writes briefly about his pain, desire to reach for the drug.

I read "Memoirs of a drug addict" for the second time and certainly not the last, because this is one of those books of return. It's a great read, not only for the young and highly recommend it!

"Let me try one more time
treat my uncertainty
For my pride and lies, for my addictions
For everything related with it
This smut, big and small
For my unbelief
absolve me, absolve me!" ♥

"A moral of this story could be so although sugar beet it but"
2014-12-27 @ 23:35:00
The first three songs from "Beet" is the best of Luxtorpedzie with some surprises. Excellent opening riff of "The Last" (reminiscent of "5 Minutes Alone" Panthers), somewhere in the middle of the track is temporarily replaced by acoustic climate insert. Next in order of "J.U.Z.U.T.N.U.K.U." The guitar is a little ride in style last two albums of Metallica. The third of the missiles - "The whole circus", rushing like "Ace of Spades", surprising prog-rock relief at the end of the song.

They are funny moments when Luxtorpeda brakes, playing with pace and effects - "Blank wells", "tar" or "Hipokrytes", which is a display of Hans. Pretty good falls also obligatory "Hicior" or "Mambałaga" weaker "autistic", but much more successful than the lighter moments of "Worms". Also stands out "J'eu les poids" - a masterpiece Kmiety bass response. However, there are pieces which can be attributed odtwórczość in relation to what we already know from previous discs Luxtorpedy. "Lonely", "Absent stranger" and "From may to may" solid numbers, but it might as well have to fit on the "worms".

In terms of music, to "beet" Luxtorpeda maintains a high level, but the strongest element of the new album are the lyrics Litzy and Hans. They are so versatile that anyone can interpret it themselves in their own way and find in them something about themselves. My favorites are "The whole circus", "Absent stranger", "Hipokrytes", "Persona non grata" and "I am the winner."

There is no doubt that Luxtorpeda again ruled by the Vistula River. Evidence of this even first place "Mambałagi" on the charts Radio Three and the entire album on olisi. Although the music group needs in the future more experiments. May Luxtopreda next album more pokombinowała, because it will be difficult to create a fourth album based on the guitar fumes, which will not be secondary.

36. ♥

"As if there was no tomorrow"
2014-12-27 @ 23:27:16
Today I would like to take a closer look at my favorite band album.
Returning to the album is one thing is certain - the new album is different in its own way a twisted and perverse. Shows us happysad seemingly old, but in a new, more mature release. Gentlemen show that they are not afraid to experiment, he still evolving and open to new sounds. I think saying as many opinions as there are people he probably finds its supporters and opponents. I belong to a group of people whose album is captivated and consumed for good ... as if there was no tomorrow ...

After releasing singles such. Sad people and a piece titled Body Details emerged negative comments and accusations that it is no longer the same happysad. In my opinion it is good that the team is evolving and expanding. Shows that has many faces, and most importantly at this authentic. I do not agree that this album does not feel old work of the group. Despite the fact that we have here a lot of various ornaments and musical innovations that continue to feel the spirit of happysadowskiej music. We get 11 numbers to their specific, somewhat dark and dramatic atmosphere. Keep us in suspense and make us think through metaphorical texts.

Already in the heat / cold Gentlemen suggested we desire to change. We could only speculate about what will serve us for the new album, and so it is undoubtedly a multidimensional and experimental album, showing happysadu other musical tones. As for me, this is a musical image more cold and harsh, does not beat him optimism and cheerfulness. This album is a kind of magic. Climate attracts sinister and each subsequent listening brings something new. Monothematic album is not as Cuba's charismatic voice perfectly with new sounds. The team showed that otherwise can also mean well.

The album opens with a piece of Flood decade, which is based mainly on the sounds of the guitar and drums and also in highly exposed, dynamic vocals Cuba. Dramatic vocals and torn, which gives the whole atmosphere of the song. Singles sad people are screaming whisper connection. This is a number of interesting structure in which electronics is broken delicacy strong guitar riff, after which the number becomes dynamic. The song is full of resentment and frustration, but interferes drowned and indistinct vocals. You have to have to concentrate to understand the whole text.

35. ♥

"Two Wolves"
2014-12-27 @ 23:22:09
In this great wilderness that with a grain of salt called the world still is not quite right. We want to be safe and give a sense of the immediate, but the trees in the forest of big cities and small villages run wolves. Good and bad. Wins the one you feed.

"Two Wolves" is a collection of thoughts on a few topics that can change someone's life. For example, you. If you are wondering what is important in life, how to deal with major problems, and if that's what you struggle with, is actually a tragedy. Two completely different people - men, fathers - they talk about their mortality and uprisings. They say that for every sin you can go out. That Jesus Christ - He who died, that thou mayest live - will take care of every problem as a manager unrivaled in the industry and beyond. They talk about the fact that his birth is a tragedy, and that Christians are people of sorrow, who taste of happiness after death. Or maybe they do not really have the right?

What's interesting in this book - it is for believers and believers otherwise. Shows how to go, so as not to get lost and that you can follow from (a) Christ. Touches problems whose solutions are interested in all, despite the fact that no one is to not be granted. They talk to each other for eternity and life that leads to it, normally - perhaps over coffee? Tea? If so, this tea, coffee after their conversation certainly was not intact in a glass, his cold and forgotten, no - I'm sure he drank it to the bottom, pouring myself every now and then. Why? Because this conversation is too common to be able to forget about the whole world. It combines the mundane with niebiańskością and shows that will be fine. It is well. Is.

34. This song was inspired to start the retreat and then to write this beautiful book. ♥

"October baby"
2014-12-26 @ 23:42:26

Video description:
Life is beautiful. 19 - year-old fledgling student Hannah has always been an outsider. I always felt different and despite the great ambitions and immense talent of acting secretly harbored the belief that it should never come into the world. Because of the increasing health problems (physical and mental), the parents decide to tell her terrible truth. The girl is shocked, because her life has turned out to be a lie. Not only that she was adopted, it still was born as a result of poorly performed abortions. Resentful Hannah decides to go on a trip to New Orleans with his friend Jason, his girlfriend and socially maladjusted driver Vanua crumbling. We all play well outside the 19 - latką who decides to take the opportunity to go to the place of his birth, to find his biological mother ...

the film gives to think, and this is a very moving about, which was shown in the movie.

33. ♥

"Without legs, without hands, without restriction."
2014-12-26 @ 23:37:41
This book is a must read. It is not important who you are, what you do every day, what you like, what are your problems and how they are trying to deal with them. Complain, worried, sometimes you want to give up ... Even if you do not admit to this, and so you do it. That is why you should read "No hands, no legs, no limits!".

Think you that your problems are so great and terrible that certainly deal with them can not handle? And what to say young man, who has no arms and no legs? "I know that others have it worse" - says Nick. And no, absolutely not break down, will not abandon you sure she can cope and tomorrow will be better than today. Do not lose hope too - admits that at the bottom of the cabinet holding a pair of shoes, just in case.

Nick Vujicic is a thirty-year-Serbian origin, was born in Australia but currently living in the United States. He suffers from phocomelia - congenital absence of limbs. Despite his young age, disease, and is a recognized speaker. For years, traveling around the world and speaks to thousands of people of all races, nationalities and different social status. Everywhere awakens emotions and his gripping speeches encourages listeners to change their lives.

Why has published a book? "I can not lay a hand on your shoulder, so you encouragement, but I can honestly say, straight from the heart" - says Nick. And tells a completely honest about everything. First of all, about his life, from birth, that the parents were shocked by the difficult growing up and become familiar with your own body and its capabilities, the current stability. He writes about the lack of acceptance, rejection, kpinach peers, compassionate or passers-by looks of disgust, a sense of meaninglessness and thoughts of suicide. But they are not the core of this book. Represent only a background that allows convey what is most important - a great lesson of life without limitations.

It seems to you that the term "life without limits" in the mouth of a young man with such a high degree of disability is strange? Nothing could be further from the truth! Nick, even though he's only thirty years, and visited dozens of countries and spoke to hundreds of thousands of people, and also ... riding on a skateboard, swim, surfing, diving on a coral reef, played drums, starred in stunt scenes and conducted the orchestra. And it really is not all! In a disarming way recounts his adventures, about overcoming fear and restrictions. Not afraid to poke fun at himself, often uses phrases directly referring to his disability - he says, "I took to his heels," or "I would give myself for that hand cut". Describing learn to swim on the board of the surfer who lost her arm in a shark attack as a result, states that "although the two of us, we have only three legs - and all belong to Bethany!". What better proof of acceptance of self and the ability to laugh at his own weakness.

Long can you admire Nick's stories. The message of this book is so positive and simple at the same time, I can not imagine a more optimistic reading. And although many of the cases referred to by the author, is known to me, some can even be considered cliches ("you have to learn to laugh at yourself" or "as long as you love yourself, others you do not love"), Nick's mouth sounds extremely . Really hard to imagine a worse situation than the one in which he found himself, and yet learned to live life to the fullest, and is ideal for teaching it to others. Therefore, without thinking I'll go, "No arms, no legs, no limits!" To everyone, regardless of the circumstances. Because, if Nick was able to find happiness, then why not have a go as we? So the book will certainly help in the search.

32. this song can be interpreted in different ways, but for me it is about God. about it that he is everything. ♥

"Pretty Woman"
2014-12-26 @ 23:14:55
Recently I wondered why I never watched movies that are considered classics of cinema. and so I watched the movie "Pretty Woman".

a brief description of the film:
Edward Lewis, an enterprising businessman, offers a beautiful prostitute Vivian Ward, for a week he kept her company. The man, however, is not expected from her physical approximation. He cares only for her presence. Staying in a hotel suite is a hitherto unknown pleasure for Vivian. Reasonable and calm Edward admiringly looks quite spontaneous and natural behavior of a young woman. At the same time tries to subtly teach her good manners and social tame with the world elite. After a while, they both fall in love.

In my opinion this is a very cool video and would happily watch it again.


"God never blinks"
2014-12-25 @ 23:31:12
The author of the book "God never blinks. 50 lessons on the more difficult moments in life, "Regina Brett, comes from a large family. In early youth struggling with alcohol addiction, and the age of 21, she was a single mother. When she was 40, she met the man of her life and she married him. A year later, she learned that he had breast cancer. Underwent severe chemotherapy and published a book that can help the reader through difficult times in life. The book is a collection of essays from many years of work as a journalist Regina Brett. In many of them the author speaks of God, but the message is addressed to people of different faiths, including atheists. Her thoughts are authentic, based on their own difficult experiences. Do not try to be contrived, pseudofilozoficzne arguments, but focuses on simplicity and clarity of the message. The book reads easily, is nicely and carefully released, and a form of "50 short lessons" makes it very affordable.

Regina Brett or advice will be useful for everyone? It is not easy to judge. I suggest readers prepared with a wink Quiz to help you decide whether this reading is right for you. Each point is a statement taken from the book. See how you respond to them, and whose answers have the most.

1. Every month repaid debts on credit cards.

A. It's my New Years resolution.

B. I can not afford it.

C. Do not get into debt on credit cards.

2. God never gives us more than we can bear.

A. Oh, just! I heard it somewhere, but it is good to remember this truth.

B. About me probably forgotten.

C. What is God?

3. Do not wait for old age to wear purple.

A. Oh, dress up!

B. Van not I need to be happy.

C. Do not attach importance to color clothes. I'm a man.

4. Instead of saying, "I have to go to work", tell yourself, "I can go to work."

A. That's right, I should be grateful for that.

B. What nonsense.

C. Sure. As I do not want, do not go.

5. Do not take yourself so seriously. No one but you do not.

A. And that's the problem!

B. Why would anyone take seriously someone like me?

C. No one takes me seriously ?! Seriously ?! :)

Most of the answers A: Buy, read, use. You might enjoy.

The majority of responses B: Buy, read, think, and then consult your doctor or therapist.

Most answers C: Do not read. This book is probably not for you.

30. We are often very busy and forget that God is with us always and zawwsze wants good for us, and in a whirl of modern faith in God becomes something abstract. but that's just not true. God loves us and is always with us. ♥

2014-12-25 @ 23:22:46
Christmas is a very beautiful and family time.
Sometimes some touches suffering. When a person begins to hate this time because of the pain, for example, the loss of a loved one is so great that the holidays are no longer important.

29. Many people tell us to forget someone who hurt us, but it's not that simple. and this is just about the song.
About to forget... ♥

"Letters to the M"
2014-12-25 @ 23:13:56
As it happens with the Christmas menu, not all dishes are equally tasty. Thread evil works of Nicholas (great Thomas Karolak), who spends all day on the search for a stolen cell. I like the story of a widowed radio presenter (Stuhr) forced festive rattle off duty, rather than spend the evening with her son. Moving is also the story of a police negocjatorze (Adamczyk) trying to save their marriage. Niestrawnie done in moments when artists turn to "Lists" in a commercial Christmas gadgets or bid Agnieszka Wagner play a snow queen stereotype (do not be afraid - love will melt and its icy heart). The Roma Gąsiorowska could finally give up the tone of voice minutes and characterized by a closed ward patients.

Christmas is a time when you should be close to forgive their weaknesses. So I will not complain about that feature spinning thread, the writers 'Letters' too much inspired by the classic multi-threaded "Love Actually". Barely also mention a few drętwych as midnight sermon dialogues. More importantly, the Polish Christmas production exudes an aura and sometimes genuinely funny. In terms of images, scenery and soundtrack "Letters to M." are sugar daddy - Warsaw Arkadia on the screen looks like Harrods and Warsaw can claim to be the most elegant capital of the world.
This movie is perfect for Christmas.

28. This is the best song from the movie. ♥

2014-12-25 @ 23:07:18
When a loved one departs from this world forgets to tell us something before he died ...
"Do not cry when I'm gone I'm still with you and there will do better"
For all those who said goodbye to loved ones ...
That crossed my mind ...

27. I don't know what to write this song. It perfectly fits my entry. ♥

Christmas Wish ;p
2014-12-24 @ 23:28:18
I wish you all the best of everything, fulfill all the dreams that you became famous volleyball player, a lot of joy, health, smile and fun, family holidays. Wonderful New Year's Eve, cool gifts found under chionką and for all what you wish for :)

26. ♥

My Favourite Christmas Song!
2014-12-24 @ 23:24:30
My favourite Christmas song is "All I want for Christmas is you" , sung by Mariah Carey.
I love this song! ♥

Christmas! :D
2014-12-24 @ 23:15:02
My favorite is a celebration of Polish Christmas. There are Christmas decorations, the house is filled with the smell of cakes and other holiday homes appear potraw.W specially adorned Christmas tree. On Christmas Eve, preparing special dishes fasting - fish in aspic, fish on the heat , different kinds of soups , depending on the family tradition. On the first day of the second Christmas i for preparing tasty meat , pies and cakes. After midnight on Christmas Eve everyone I go to the church for midnight mass .
Christmas is a wonderful family holiday.


Changes ^^
2014-12-19 @ 16:48:36
Because I will not force you made up for those days that I was not there, I thought that I could change my little blog.

I not only wrote you every day what is going on with me you just I start reviewing various interesting things.

All these problems will be to appear are some posts a day for which I want to apologize to my teacher of English for my not systematic.

But I think that the changes you like. :D

23. "Everything has changed" - these words best describe the entire song.

I wasn't long ;c
2014-12-19 @ 16:38:00
I'm sorry it took so long I was gone, but I had a serious problem with the Internet.

But I will try to make up for it all :)

It will look a little different...

But what are the differences I will learn in his time :D

22. I know that it is a rock, but this song I really like it. The song has a lot of feelings and is really beautiful

"I'll set a fight for dreams, Just show me where..."
2014-12-04 @ 23:29:45
Today I was on vaccination.
It wasn't so scar. :)

Besides nothing interesting happening.

21. Coma always has deep lyrics. And so it is in this song. This gets me fully and beautifully harmonizes with the voice of Peter Roguckiego. ♥

2014-12-03 @ 22:41:32
Today was very cool. :)

Now I talk to my friend :D

Tomorrow I have a vaccination.
I'm little afraid. :(

20. I don't know why, but I just love this song. Sound of the guitar and singing vocalist perfect match. ♥

I can't sleep :/
2014-12-02 @ 23:47:01
Today I was at the dentist.
It was a little hurt. ;(

Today in school was 40 people, because
rest of the school was on a trip.
It was very good and I like it! :D

Now I can't sleep. :/

19. It is song sung by the singer who lived near. It is a very calm and brimming love song. Paul sings with great devotion and with great affection. I love this song and this singer! ♥

2014-12-01 @ 22:40:21
Today I scalding in finger. :(
All is swollen and very hurt. ;c

I didn't get any sleep today so I'm going to wash up and go to sleep ;p

18. This song was created after the death of the singer's father. Song is calm and full of regret. Billy Joe is very good singer. ♥

Lazy day ;p
2014-11-30 @ 22:00:17
Today I was in church.

Then the whole day was a lazy. :)

Today is the first Sunday of Advent :D

17. This song sounds best live. ♥

Saturday ;p
2014-11-30 @ 00:10:45
Today I cleaned my room :)

My sister away for the weekend so I was left alone :D

16. Green Day is very close to my heart. Showed me that someone who was once important to me. And this song most amazed me. ♥

Yesterday :)
2014-11-30 @ 00:04:37
Yesterday afternoon(28.11), a meeting was held in preparation for World Youth Day :)

I really loved it there and will definitely go on World Youth Day :D

15. It is a Christian song. I really like this song. It is very positive. ♥
2014-11-29 @ 23:59:50
Anything new wasn't happenn.

14. AC/DC are a great team and their songs are equally fantastic. ♥

"There'll be nothing to regret..."
2014-11-26 @ 23:12:05
Today I did not do anything worthy of attention. :/

Life is beautiful only tiring.

13. I love the creativity Coma and Peter Roguckiego. These lyrics are very deep and fit neatly into my life and character. This is long song, although it isn't boring. ♥

Nothing special
2014-11-25 @ 22:57:40
Today there was nothing so great, but I think it is a good day. :)

I watched the next two episodes of my favorite series, and just like that, I spent the afternoon.

12. This song is very important for me. This song expresses very calm though in itself a great despair. Really love it. ♥

wrong :/
2014-11-24 @ 23:36:49
Today I feel out of sorts.
My head hurts.

As soon as I go to sleep, and how badly tomorrow I will feel, I will say about this my mom.

I heard that the Osi won the Top Model, but I was per Michael :(
but I'm glad that Martha was eliminated as the first ;p
hopefully make a career Michael :D

11. To this song I have a big affection. I just love this song. ♥

2014-11-23 @ 23:01:03
Today was a heavy.
In this weekend I slept 6h. I'm very tired :(

As soon as I go to sleep, goodnight ;*

10. This song is catchy quickly. It describes the expectations of every woman. ♥

2014-11-22 @ 23:37:38
It was great Marathon ;)
We came back at 6 am :)
We have to do it again xd

Today I slept half the day :D

9. This song derived from the third part of "The Hunger Games" - "Mockingjay". Sang in the film is the heroine main. I think it's a great song and perfectly describes what happened in the movie ♥

Yeah! ;p
2014-11-21 @ 20:05:48
Today I with my sister are going to the night movie marathon ^^
We will watch the trilogy "The Hunger Games" :D
I am very happy with it :)

8. This song is from the movie. The song is very beautiful and peaceful. ♥

Tomorrow ^^
2014-11-20 @ 21:43:27
Today was boring.
I had to learn from History, German and English :(

Tomorrow will be a wonderful day :D
but I won't tell you why ;p

7. This song is such a confession of feelings. I remember someone important to me to sing it to me. It was very beautiful :D
Ahh the memories ♥

Film Academy :)
2014-11-19 @ 22:28:18
Today I was on Film Academy :D
We watched a movie "Mud" :)
This movie was very interesting and met my expectations ;)

6. "If I could then I would
I'll go wherever you will go" ♥

2014-11-18 @ 21:54:01
Today is a great day :D
I'm very happy, because I talked wiith Maciek :)
I like him very much and I love to talk to him :D

Today I was back on lap film-historical. We finished watching a movie about Joseph Pilsudski. ;p
I loved it ♥

Tomorrow we go to the Academy Film. :)
I hope it'll be fun :D

5. This song showed me someone will with someone I loved to talk. and now I'm showing that song another. It is a very quiet song with a great message. ♥

I want to sleep!
2014-11-17 @ 23:01:31
Today is a very sad day. All day I wanted to sleep. :(
when I returned from school I went to sleep. I slept 3 hours :o

Now I'm studying Chemistry, later I will go to sleep :)

4. This song is very patriotic, although it isn't a Polish song. It is written and performed by Swedish band. Same music video is the story of what happened in Poland during the war. I love this song, because it reminds me of how important it is for me to Poland and that being a patriot is my duty. ♥

Sunday ;)
2014-11-16 @ 22:09:52
Today I was in church. In the afternoon I and Klaudia watched the film "If I Stay" :)
This movie is very beautiful. ;)
I cried while watching ;c

I will try to briefly tell you about "Hello, I love you" and "If I stay" tomorrow :D

Tomorrow I have to go to school :(

3. This song makes me positive energy and joy.
When you listen to it once I have a better mood. ♥

Lazy day :D
2014-11-15 @ 21:52:32
Today my sister and I went to Radom. We went shopping and to the cinema. :)
In the cinema we were in the movie "Hello, I love you" :D
This is a very great movie, but I will tell you about it some other time ;p

Now come to our guests and nice to spend time together ;)

2. Generally I have got a great fondness for Linkin Park. This song always helps me in these difficult moments. Every time when I feel that we all expect from me that I was perfect and so what I dreamed myself. ♥

Friday :D
2014-11-14 @ 21:17:59
Finally it's Friday :)
I'm very happy ♥
I cleaned my room and now I'm going to watch an interesting movie :D

I decided to show you 50 of my favorite songs and some describe them, why is this, etc. :)
But the order will be random ;p

1. This song I first heard at a concert the band.
The song is very beautiful and has a deep message. I just feel this song ♥

tiredness :/
2014-11-13 @ 21:36:00
Hi everyone!
Today I spend 9 hours in school, because I was on lap film-historical. :/
We watched a movie about Joseph Piłusudzkim and it was great :)
I really liked it in there :D
Just got home, because I was at my grandmother, because she has a birthday today. :)
I'm already very tired ;c

This is me :)
2014-11-12 @ 21:53:20
I'm Natalia. I'm 13. :)
I like listening to rock music and reading books :D
I'm very happy girl ;p
Starting today I will lead this blog and I hope you will like it ;)

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