2013-11-20 @ 22:56:32
It's getting colder!!! Winter is coming! Today I'm going to the Pink concert! I'm so exited! The tickets were really expensive, one hundred!!! I hope this price is worth to seeing this concert lol!
2013-11-06 @ 17:43:30
It was great Halloween Party!!! People had very inresting and amazin coustomes!!! Some of them was very scary!!!It was my first halloween event and I really love it!!! But I really miss for Saitns Day. In America they don't celebreate these day.Now people are prepare for Thank's Giving. For American it's very big event, just like for us Wigilia!!!
2013-10-23 @ 20:31:13
Halloween is coming!!! Buuu!!! I've just bought a coustume for Saturday Halloween party!!! Guess who I'm gonna be? I'm gonna be.... a sisiter!!!! Haha:) But before Saturday I have to focus about calss at BIR Training Center.... So, lets start study... But I can't wait Satruday:)
2013-10-14 @ 18:43:07
Today I'm going to start another term at school. In this term we have class listening and speaking. So lets start learning!!!
2013-09-30 @ 19:47:05
I hate Mondays! It's time to work and after work I'm going to school:( It'S gonna be a looooong day...
2013-09-25 @ 17:17:43
My name is Nadia and I'm international student in the US. I've been learn english from sic months. It's very intersting and exiting experience. I met people from over the world!!! I would like get better in English, special in writting so I decide to write here:)
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