2011-09-20 @ 21:51:22
Hi , I am Natalia.I live in Poland :)
My goal this year is the red stripe on the certificate!! My dream <3
Every day I'm a crazy girl with a high dose of energy! :)
Positively crazy about this is me:)
I love taking pictures ..
In the future I would like to become a photographer or journalist.
I'll see how it comes out:) So far, science science science! : D
I have one younger brother. He name is Michał. Michał is very very very very very sweet , REALLY!
I like to take pictures of my brother.
My life goal is to fully master the English language.
Today all day in school! Im very tired..
Every day get up at 6, 40 am.I'm so not slept .. But as soon as this weekend begins the midday sleep! I love this life hehe:)
Tomorrow I eliminated half of the lesson so that mom can help me to stay home instead of going to school! :)
I am veryy tired!! Only a wash and just go to sleep.. ;P
Good night ;*
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