2007-03-10 @ 04:23:52
today was very nice day, we have nice weather,
no more snow, i am happy becouse as soon as possible i will come home sweet home now i am many miles away from my ome but i am lucky girl becouse i have my housband with me maybe somebody would like to talk a little to me my english is awful but i have hope to learn more

Hi :) Thank you for your comment ;)I don't work , I'm learn ;) Bye :)
hi Paulina how are you
nice of you that you wrote something to me
about what we can talk?
i can write something about me
i work and learn but not in school just at home
my english is awful but i need to try do something with this, i like read books maybe you also if yes and if you like we can talk about some book
Hi Laski,
I didn't study english at scool. Only myself. I admire the persosn whem lern english. By. ciao.

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