Finally weekend
2012-05-26 @ 10:12:35
Last day I've been at great party with my friends so you must understand what I feel right now ;) I have no idea what I should write so I think that I shouldn't write nothing more ;)

My "second" day with "English"
2012-05-25 @ 15:00:38
Hi Everybody
I'm writting this post because I want to tell you something about my day. I just came back from the dentist so I feel great ;) When I came I thought that I should buy something for my english "lessons" so I bought a really good dictionary.

That's all, bye ;)
I feel so good !
2012-05-24 @ 23:29:39

This is my first post on this blog so I should say "Hello", anyway as i said I feel so good right now because I passed my exams and I have more free time for myself and of course for my friends ;)
Of course I don't forget about English so in the nearest future I want to listen the BBC radio, read the article's on the BBC or CNN website's and of course write something on this blog ;)

Take Care !
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