Columbus Day USA 2008
2008-05-04 @ 11:44:36
When I saw in a cast Val Kilmer I thought It will be a good movie decided to watch it.
The movie is a fresh USA production (2008). At first when I found out that the polish translation of the title of the movie is "Fatalny skok" I was so keen on watching it. I'm great fan of criminal films. After 10 minutes of watching I felt something is wrong. Nothing interesting happened during this time.
The character (Val Kilmer) just was walking around. He was talking to some child, eating ice-cream and just doing nothing. He was holding a metal briefcase. We know only from the flashes from the past that there was a shooting and some people died. He was still talking through the cellphone.
In fact there was no action. The whole movie was based on those dialogs with people on the phone. We find out he left his wife and daughter and them don't want to see him again. He has a lover who is with him only for his money.
In general it's very boring. If you are considering watching it - don't. It's waste of time.
Let's get it started
2008-05-04 @ 11:22:28
Hi there. I'm not new here but now I decided to begin writing. To this time I just read your notes and commented. I want to improve my english so I decided to establish a blog. I didn't know what to write so I mixed my hobby to it. I like watching movies. I will be describing all the movies I watch. I hope it won't be boring.
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