nothing new
2007-06-02 @ 21:49:47
Hello sweethearts! Recently I haven't do something special.I am angry because i don't eat anything sweet.This is horrible but i wanna be slim so i must torture myself.What will you do at holidays?
2007-04-28 @ 16:51:43
I was yesterday on the school trip.We've seen church without any ..., some castles, 3 crowns etc. It was realy good but at night was borning.I was sleeping with Gnome(Krasnal)and Dominika.We mustn't entrance our room, sitting on the balcony and scream xD The way from 3 crowns was realy hard... I'm happy and tired.
Happy Easter
2007-04-05 @ 19:19:12
Welcome xD Thanks for every comments added in my last post. I wish you happy easter and everything good xD You know!
At wenesday I was in English Test.It was about USA and Great Britain.One thing which don't surprised me- there were many questions about culture, geography, history and literature!

a)Rhode Island

I've got mistake here!
.:Somewhere but nowbody knows where:.
2007-03-17 @ 20:57:46
Today I've visited my friend Karolina who lives at Górka Klasztorna.Nothing's wrong apart from that me and Krasnal who was there too...We were lost!That was horror!We turned left and we didn't know where are we?So we went to somebody's house to ask for a way to wall.When We entered on cultivated field some dog started chase us.It was making late.Good old lady showed us great way.One detail.With Karolina we was walking 1 hour and come back...To hours!
2007-03-09 @ 20:48:22
At wenesday I've meet with my friend Kamilka xD She left Jaslo one year ago.Hmm...She told at Bochnia is high temperature...And in my lovely town she was coold xD Hmm..."If you want go to Bochnia you must be an onion" (no translate...)It means Cebulka's clothes xD Cyaz!
2007-03-05 @ 20:59:32
2007-02-23 @ 22:38:42
Today I'm so angry because...
At monday it will be come back to my stupid school.Yeah!Somebodies now are doing bad things: Gnome is learning Phisics,Sun's child?I don't know...2 days!Why our freetime is so short?
.:jamboree of witches:.Oops!People able in body and mind and one witch (me)
2007-02-21 @ 21:55:29
Somewhere is but nobody knows where(oh!sorry!I know) world where this story are happening.
Everything began about 15 o'clock.Then behind some build 5 persons have met.
Green(commonly called Karolina)
Citizen in black(everyone call her Justyna)
Lady pink(hmm...How was her?Joke!Kasia)
Fair hair(Magda)
And me(that "me" speaks itself...)
We went to some place where lived une Edyta(6th participant our meeting) several minutes visit we decided we are going to some restaurant or pub to eat something.(I don't tell you what's the name of this local.why?That's long story) chose table on the upstairs.Next to us there was some camera (Dude! Like Big brother...)
Edyta and Magda ejected to shop to buy something to drink.Me and Kasia went to take an order(one distruber: stairs! crack-smack! soil!exceptionally it was not me!I know!That's progress)'s all today!
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