and here it starts.....
2010-12-14 @ 21:13:27
Just wandering if anyone is going to read this crap stuff :) what i'm going to write....

well time shows up.

Anyway...(that's my first activity like this)even if no one read it, it will help me to develop my english (that's the main thought of this blog though haha)

Lately i'm going through a rough time in life or rather in my mind. It's getting better. The main part is what to do further in life. Stay with less efficient job (but having assured monthly income) or go further with study. seems so simple - just do study....but the hell it isn't. Well first thing what is complicated it is money. Sure i can take a loon but wil i be able to pay it later? Second is that i'm afraid that after i finish my study i will return to crappy jobs cause nowadays crisis is not offering too much.

/I must add that first of all to apply for study i need to pass english exam (study is in english)and here is another - not really big problem - annoying thing./ Studying in Polish is not possible - i'm not living in Poland anymore. And of course for this you need to prepare a bit more - need time but there isn't too much time.

Hej you know what? writing all these thoughs down acctually helps :) (and i was always doubting about it) as i wrote it here they don't seem so scary as i was thinking of it, and there are not so many points making it difficult. Of course it's not going to be easy (what nowadays is?) but i guess it's worth to try isn't it?

my mood got better. Got some positive feeling that i can do sth. And with this positive vibration i'm going to search through that page and swallow knowladge from english.

btw. if anyone reads it - all comments are welcome, also about grammar/used words ect.

14.12.2010 Miss Piggy

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