2015-02-27 @ 21:57:38
I do not want to write. I'm exhausted. XD I'm sorry. good night
kisses :*
positive :)
2015-02-26 @ 15:52:11
What is tomorrow? What do you think? Friday! And after him? Weekend! Today was a great day. Somehow I have a positive attitude to everything. And it rarely happens. Today I dance classes. I love to dance! What can I say more? I love people who read my scribble <3
kisses :*
Wednesday - cool
2015-02-25 @ 15:43:43
Wednesday, still two days until the weekend. A comforting thought. On the eighteenth hour I have gymnastics today. Will last from three hours. Ok for me because I love gymnastics <3. As soon as I take to be doing homework with Lena. I am happy because I will be with me for the night and tomorrow the school week. We go to class together too :) So much XD
kisses :*
*lack of ideas on the title*
2015-02-24 @ 16:17:56
So Tuesday. I was in school, as it is done on Tuesdays. I am finished with school. As daily thereafter. For the things I do not need to learn anything tomorrow. Jump around in the city until the twentieth. XD What is there to tell you yet. I'm poor at English so as not understand something then I'll understand. Good end of my scribbles I'm going to ride on the board *.*
kisses :*
I do not like school
2015-02-23 @ 21:16:11
I want to vacation! I'm already exhausted science. I still have some tests. I would like to fall asleep and wake up in the summer. Well, but lime is just the end of February, almost. Today, I was at Agata short walk in the woods. It's a refuge from the problems, learning, school, life. It was relaxing. I would recommend this walking rests. Okay that's it. I'm going to eat pancakes <3
kisses :*
Happy :D
2015-02-22 @ 16:42:54
Today was a great day. I was on a walk with Agata and Lena. Lena is my second best friend. Laughed at myself. Overall, it was fun. We did ourselves Selfie. Today was such a beautiful weather. The sun was shining, the birds were singing oh there you know what I mean. So I take for lessons.
kisses :*
So the cinema
2015-02-21 @ 21:28:01
Today was a great day. I was in the cinema with Agata but late for the movie. So just ate popcorn and drank Cokes. The coolest thing kine were our pictures in the bathroom XD. It was great. We wrapped up the paper and ran for the people in the cinema. Then came the protection and kicked us out of the theater but it was great. Well that's it.
Kisses :*
The first entry :D
2015-02-21 @ 10:29:10
Hey. I'm Magda. I'm starting my blog. It will be about my life. I will try to give daily entries. It is hard for me regularity C: Here we go.
Today is Saturday. I got up at 7 o'clock. I wonder how. I'm going to the movies in the afternoon. I do not know but I know what I'm going. My best friend is called Agata. I tell her Aga. I love her <3 and this is what I go with her to the cinema. I wonder what movie she chooses. No nothing. I'll get dressed, because the Jets still in pajamas XD. Well, maybe write something about yourself. I'm lazy. Enough XD. Okay do not want to have to write. I finally get dressed and make lessons :c a that I was not the first high school :D
Okay I'm going have not bored you.
Kisses :*
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