2012-08-15 @ 10:44:11
Do you like getting presents? I like it with one condition. I don't like getting expensive presents. For me, the most valuable gifts are made by someone who gives us something.
Hand-made gifts are unusual, and made specially for us :-)
about me
2012-08-12 @ 21:14:52
I think that i'm specific person, I hope that I am. I don't mean the external appearence. I'm not madman. I'm a huge dreamer and sometimes I have my own world. When I'm scared I sing. Is it strange? I love writing by pencil. Perhaps because I can rub off what I wrote, I can correct it. Furthermore using a rubber is very pleasant.
2012-08-09 @ 23:05:16
who is responsible for dictating trends? and why people blindly copy other? Nowadays people haven't the smallest problems with recant their own style. They want to be modern and accepted in their environment. On the other side people have surfeit of everything what is mass and comercial. So, in fact, we live in times in which is trendy to be different.
about holiday
2012-08-08 @ 09:51:22
I love spending time at the lake. This is the best form of repose for me. I love this blissful silence, beautiful countrysides, cats, dogs, even french, brown, cows and the san which was waking up us in the morning. In the future we will have the land on the lake, with a small, wooden house overlooking the lake, with beautiful garden with wooden teeter
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