Something about Mr Frost...
2009-01-08 @ 21:20:27
I hope that for everyone a New Year began happily:)
I discovered, that i like strong frost. Every morning, whed I was walking to work i felt a fresh air. A frost caused, that air is clear.
I don't understand our media... They have maken a great sensation with the weather. Frost holds only a few days but some of media wonder if this winter will be the century. If they do not have a better topic?
Take care...
The last day...
2008-12-19 @ 21:16:08
... of a week!
I'm very happy, that I have a holidays now. I'm a little bit tired and I need a rest. Hope that Christmas will be a time for me rest. It's a pity, that people (me to) have no time for theirself. Everyone always have many to do. It's crazy!! Can you rest?
An awful weather...
2008-11-27 @ 23:23:15
What kind of wheather do you like? I know, that "weather" is a very safe topic- we could start many conversations... But at this moment I want to know, how could I manage with low pressure and with no sun... For me it's very hard time. Sometimes I feel exhausted- because of the weather. Perhaps I have to get some kind of "light-therapy"?
40 million PLN
2008-11-05 @ 13:40:21
I wonder, who will be a lucky guy and catch a "six"... And now question to you- what would you do if you catch "six" in a LOTTO?
For openers...
2008-11-02 @ 21:51:09
Hello everyone!
I'm starting my adventure with English... I'm a little bit afraid...
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