2007-03-27 @ 19:48:55
only sorrow....Why???;-(
2007-03-22 @ 17:05:43
Everyone wonders what the most important thing in human life is. In my opinion, the most vital value which really matters is happiness. What does happiness mean to me? It's a joy of life which I feel independently of circumstances. I realize that I can't achieve everything in my life- succes, career, richnees etc. But it doesn't make me depressed, as I appreciate what I have got- good health, a loving family and some good friends. And I will be the happiest person in the world if nothing changes for worse.
,,There is a place within my heart that only you can fill. You had my love right from the start and I know you always will...''Beatiful expressions. What do you think about this?
2007-03-21 @ 20:29:53
Next day...a very wonderful for me.It's raining all the time.I like this kind of weather.Then I see many little drops and think about England.It's my favourite country.I would like to see Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square...I haven't been to London. Perhaps someday I get ready there. I hope so because it's the biggest dreams for me. And you? What are yours dreams???
2007-03-19 @ 21:34:07
Hi;-)My name is Justyna.I come from Tomaszow Maz.I am 20 years old.I listen to rock British music.My favourite band is RADIOHEAD;-)I like books written by Stephen King.They are really fantastic!For the present I study English at University in Lodz so this language it is all my life.I would like to get to know people all over the world, therefore I often talk in English.If you want, you write to me. Each attention will be valuable for me.See you;-)

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