2014-04-18 @ 23:27:24
Sometimes I like very opposite things, today I'm listening to this songs and both are great.

2014-04-17 @ 21:16:15
This note will be about nothing special, I just need to write something, to throw out some thoughts. So I write about the movie which I watched a few minutes ago.
It was the movie titled “Children of the Lesser God”. It’s the story aobut inspiring teacher named James who starts to teach in special school for deaf children. His knowing of sign language is very good but it isn’t his the most important advantage. I like him for being inspiring for children, he lets them to release their voices, he relases also their capability (potential), he shows that they can speak. Scene in which the pupils sing at the top of their voices is the best example. Ok, it seems to look like a very naive story at first sight but it’s a story about breaking the weakness and belief in other person and this will be needed always.
As a matter of fact it is also about some of defence mechanisms. I mean especially plot of Sarah and James. Sarah is a 25-deaf woman working at the school as a cleaner.. I know, I know, it won’t be suprising for you when I write that relation between Sarah and James (even it looks like dead-end relationship) ends happy. So I made a huge spoiler but let’s get back to the topic.. Sarah meets James and he, seeing her real, colourful persononality, wants to teach her speak . But she doesn’t want to , she bulilts a huge wall around herself, she keeps him at bay. Sarah is afraid that his only want is to ridicule her and she thinks his only purpose is to teach her speak and then leave her. According to her he treats her case like a challange. It’s one of defence mechanisms. Being afraid of something it’s better to choose a soft option, to take a shortcut.. She prefer to be left stranded and the bone of the contention is her obstinacy. Sarah doesn’t let James to come in her world of silence, but this story has happy end and it gives a ray of hope.
Now let’s make a "small" change of topic, you know, sometimes I wonder how much am I able to do for other asking? I mean where is the line? Where is the line when I say ““stop, I don’t like it, I don’t want to do this”? A few days ago I watched short movie “Five steps to tyranny”. This movie shows how many things people can do for other asking. There is a history about series of social psychology experiments. A few people were asked if they could, would they paralyze other with electricity? Of course, there were only negative answers (“Not for all the tea in China!”). But then psychologist pubished advert about experiment on study of memory. Volunteer (no.1) had to read pair of words to other volunteer (no.2) (in fact this person was known for people who doing this experiment) and then volunteer (no 1.) had to check how many pairs of words were remembered by his partner. If volunteer (no 2.) made a mistake, no 1. had to give him an electric shock... The level of electric shock’s power was increased. The volunteer no 2. asked about stopping the experiment but the volunteer no 1. was doing his job still. Of course he had moments of doubts but it was sufficient to say that it is a scientific experiment and someone was liable for it. It shows that we can do something if we know that we can avoid responsibility. I hope you don't miss a point but you can see more on Milgram experiment orStanford prison experiment
Ok, I know this note is probably too long and the topics are too serious so I'm leaving you with new song from Colplay, enjoy!
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