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2010-11-19 @ 19:22:44
Hi all!
Today I had a chemistry test and surprisingly it wasn't that hard at all. I think I did it well, but I won't be suprised if I get 4 or even 3. It's chemistry in the end. Worse case is with the history. I really have no idea what can I get from it.
2010-11-08 @ 20:51:32
Hello everybody,
Today I had my 2nd volleyball classes. There was better than on first one but I still don't find it especially good anyway. I had to wait 1h in school but I can do my homework at this time at least. When it ended and I went out from school it was already dark outside. I hate this part of the year when I'm going out to school and it's dark and after lessons when I'm heading back to home it's dark too.
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