2010-10-17 @ 20:09:10
Hi Again!
So a whole week expired and I'm back with new post. Exacly week and 2 days but who cares. I'll just describe my weekend 'cause I didn't do too much, so I don't have to write too much. At friday evening I played cards with my parents and my parents friend. I lost but it's not important. At saturday I was watching film - "The box" - sounds mysterious but it sucks. I almost fell asleep during it. And.. I think that's the most interesting part of my saturday. I just skipped learning and playing computer. The same situation with sunday. Weather was better but I didn't went to my friends to play basketball as I used to 'cause one of my friends had to go to his grandma. And that's all, that's was my weekend. Bye, I'll post next week. Maybe a little bit later.

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