2008-01-31 @ 09:21:45
Practise makes master - that's true. I decided to start working over onself.

Today i will lerning all day - from morning till night!
among other things... englisch, geography and mathematics. But on evening i will go to fitnes room for fight trening. : >

see you!
Post number two!
2008-01-29 @ 10:41:38
Hello, I have write my last post a long time ago. Today, I decided to write my second post. I have promise myself that i will improve my englisch and I just do this! :) I hope that some day my englisch will by better! :)

Hello Everybody.
2008-01-25 @ 13:45:54
Hi, this is my first note. I have lern Englisch only two years. Today, i was decided that i will start diligently study Englisch. I hope that this blog will help my.

I'm ending my post and send regards.

Przepraszam za błędy ale Angielski mój jest jaki jest i nic nie poradzę : > Będę pracował nad nim.
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