Euro Match Poland-Russia
2012-06-13 @ 14:30:30
Yesterday I wad watching football match - Poland Russia-our team was really good!!! We didn't win but we also didn't lose. It was 1:1. I think Russia is very good in football so it's good for us that we didn't lose. I don't know if I wrote that in my city - Wroclaw - are European Football Matches. It's great!!! Maybe I will meet some good players !!! I can't wait to see them -how they look like in normal way:)
before the end of school
2012-06-11 @ 14:51:57
I am really tired of school. I'm waiting for the end of it and I'm a little bit nervous about my new school. Which school will be new one? I will know it next week,when I'll have marks from exam.
Again exams...
2012-06-03 @ 22:13:22
I really don't know what should I learn first. I have so much things to learn now, that I don't know from what should I start. Last week I had a nice chemist lesson - I did it like a project- it was about proteins. I bought a small milk for everyone and bring a croaissant. They were really impressed and happy after that lesson. And my teacher also :) This week I have to pass 3 tests, so wish me luck!
come back
2012-05-18 @ 21:52:18
I know that i didn't write enything for few days, but when I came back from trip, I really had a lot of things to do. We had a lot of semestral exams now, I have to learn more to get better marks at school. It's very important for me because now I have to chose high school and a lot of is depend how good marks I will get. Of course my test after gimnasium is also very important but marks also. School trip was very cool. We went to interested places, to the waterfall, to the very old church. I like old architecture. I like all kind of archiecture. I think it's because I like drawing and everything what I see I think how can I draw it. In a future I want to have a job where I will can draw. In my opinion is good when you've got a job where you do what you like to do usually...What do you think ?
My journey
2012-05-10 @ 14:57:51
Tommorow we go with my friends from class for a school trip. I'm very curious how it will be. Our teacher said that we'll have a lot of atractions - we'll see :) I'm very happy that we go, because I am really tired after those exams, school and everything. Now I'll have a chance to spend time with my friends in a different place than school :)
My first exam
2012-05-08 @ 15:46:20

Last week I had a really stressfull exam - it was gimnasium test. It was a first important exam in my life... We'll see how it goes next month.
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