good way to learn
2011-04-05 @ 10:02:07
Writing here is a really good way to learn english. Always if i don't know some words i have to look in dictoniary and I try to remember this word.

I have a lot english books, handbooks with exercises. I want ready and solve all.

I watch a lot moves in original version. I don' understand everything but it is second good way to learn. I understand story and what happens in the move but not every sentence and word. (not yet)

So... I wish you good day and I'm surfing in internet and later I am going to be to learn vocabulary.

2011-04-03 @ 21:01:47
Hi everyone!

How yours weekend?

I had really busy weekend.

Yesterday and today I was in school.

Yesterday in lunch I and my friends were in a restaurany by the sea. Oooouuuu It was nice. We sat outside, he sun shone, the wind blew warm and heard was the sound of the sea. A lot people were with kids, sunbeds, balls. All people dreesd in t- shirts and shorts (!!!).

And today. I wrote 2 exams. I don't know how I wrote the exams. The questions were really difficult, but I hope will be good.

I want to eat something sweet... :/ I need to keep busy. After school I was so hungry and I ate ton foods and I cannot move... really :D
I have to watch my diet. Hmmm maybe Can I starta strained tommorow... I thing it is high time.

Ok so see you tommorow ( I hope so)

Tommorow I going to looking for a job so keep your fingers crossed :D:D:D
my fucture
2011-04-01 @ 12:52:29
Every day when I open my eyes I think about my future.
I really don' t know what I want to do in my life.

A few people say me: " The profession is the most important now. Look how many people after studies are not working"
Maybe it is true, but on the other hand I cannot believe if someone has finished studies don't find work.

I regret I am not good with math, physics.

I want have normal job who intrestet me. I want have normal money and just be happy.

My biggest problem is in school I always pulled. I have to change it.
I hope it is not to late.

Bu first I he to really really think what I want to do.
I have a lot interest but nothing is it what I want to do every day.

Propositions? :D

2011-03-27 @ 11:33:24

I don't remember when I was here last time. :/

My life is crazy. Before I didn't have a job. My life was boring, boring and boring.
I slept all the time and I had't desire for anything.

Now it is diffrent.
I have a job. This week was trining... I was really really tired, but today I'm rested and full of life.

I have to write minimal 2-3 times per week, lern words every day. I wont to also start talking with my boyfrend, but I can't try!!!! I don't now why...
Always if I wont to tell something I cannot... I afrid that he will laugh at me and me mistakes.

Stupid is that when we are somewere I'm quiet or if I must say something, for example, in the shop I tell to him "get out please".

I wont change it.

So... what else?
I started diet in last week :D
The summer is near and I wont lost a few kilograms. Not too much, but 5 is enough.

I eat a lot vegetables and fruits. Mmmmmm delicious. I thing I gonna to eat a few plums :D

Ok I'm going to eat my plums and I wish you nice Sunday!!!!
first time
2011-01-27 @ 14:17:47

Where to start? :)
Hmm... I wont learn english.

I will try to write every day.
My boyfriend speak english perfect and I want too!!!
I ashamed speak when he's next. It's stupid, but I'm very nervous and I made a lot mistakes if somebody is around (who speak polish of course).

Maybe this blog help me?

I wont write about everything. School, life, me.

Ok. Maybe enough. :)

I will be later.

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