2014-02-14 @ 21:22:03
Today was the most beautiful church gathering. Not only that, had a great time, it's still something I gained, but nothing, absolutely loved it, I want more such meetings. You need to take to learn, although I do not want much, I have. Today I will add the last post.
2014-02-14 @ 21:01:54
There's no telling, bored, bored, bored :/
2014-02-12 @ 22:34:31
Improper charges.
2014-02-11 @ 22:30:51
We learn geography.
2014-02-11 @ 22:27:49
Again, I forgot to post.
I have depression. I could eat kabanos.
For yesterday's post. (:
2014-02-10 @ 16:20:07
Science-line a well-known Polish author already tired of me, but I have 4 +.
At the moment I feel like dumplings with jam. Coming back to the jam, Dżem's best, Polish, the legendary band.
One word, and so is housed.
2014-02-10 @ 16:13:47
It's nice to have a friend you can rely on.
A tear in the eye revolves through this song that I added below.
headache and throat and nose.
2014-02-07 @ 21:07:45
I think I had a fever today.
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