Slipknot in Warsaw!
2009-06-11 @ 19:51:51
8.06.09 - 9.06.09
Time to go. The train took me and my friends to Warsaw. We came there to see the most kicl-ass band ever - Slipknot! When we came to Warsaw (about 6 am), we couldn't find any place to sleep - this city really is expensive). We wanted to find some cheap hotel or sth but we didn't. Thank god, my friend has uncle there, so he called him and we could stay at his house for the night. Anyway, about 4pm we were near Torwar waiting for the concert. At 6pm we went inside. Amazing, thousands people were there to see amazing Slipknot live. I can't even describe how great I've felt! First were supporting bands -DevilDriver and Trivium. I didn't listen to them earlier but I need to admit that their music is sipmly great. It's nothing that I was tired as hell after 10h in train and 12h in Warsaw before the concert. I didn't feel tired at all when I came inside the building^^
Well, everything started cool, but I was waiting for Slipknot. And then they came! Amazing intro, a moment of holding breath and... they were on the stage. I thought I'll start to cry. Two hours of glorious Corey's voice, and the moment when he said 'we will be back!'... just gorgeous. I know I'm totally chaotic but emotions I have after everything don't let me describe anything properly.
I just wish they will really come again, I'm sure I'll be there.
God, I love them.
I don't know what to write, a lot of things happened there, I'm still shocked, so...
Just try to imagine...
The greatest concert I've ever seen!

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