2009-05-30 @ 11:32:56
I can't wait anymore. Only a month and my life will change completly. I'll move out to Wrocław with my love. I can't wait, seriously. I need to go there earlier and find new school and some job, but to be honest - my friend found something for me so I don't need to worry about anything. Flat is cheap, maybe not too big but cosy. I need to pack my things, I want to move out just today, I'm totally impatient.
I only hope that everything will be all right and we won't face any bigger problems. Well, we'll see.
That won't change the fact, that I'm really happy.
Life is wonderful. ^_^
2009-05-27 @ 20:53:56
That's soooo weird.
Everything about you makes me feel like I'm alive again. You're my sun, my sky, my moon, my star.
I love when you look at me with your sparkling eyes, playing with the smile.
Smile, smile... I'd die for your smile. Everytime I'm not with you, I feel so hollow, I can't find any place for myself. I think about you 24/7, you've completely ruled my heart. You're a perfect cure for my every wound.
But for your love, my soul wouldn't exist. Now all I'm asking for is to be with you always, forever. There's no one who's as special as you are, as beautiful as you are, as tender as you are. No one could compare with you. You're invincible, unbelievable, even when you just sit and say nothing at all.
If I were to choose one day with you and then die or to live forever without you... I'd choose this one wonderful day and die happy.
I'm crazy, I'm mad, I'm weird. I love you.
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