phew phew welcome back
2009-11-09 @ 16:05:38
Long time no see.
My life's just the same, I guess. I moved out to Wrocław, but I needed to come back home. Money, money... Didn't find the job, what's weird, when people say you'll find it everywhere... -.-
Anyway, I'll come back there later, but this time to study only.
I miss some things and it slowly drives me crazy. I miss my school, I miss my friends, I miss somebody and I miss my old me.
Some things will always change and you can't do anything to stop it. You just sit and watch, that's all you can do. No matter how hard you want to try, no matter how hard you actually try, in the end nothing will stay the same.
I wish I was Peter Pan. He never gets old, he always win and gets what he wants. And he's always happy. Oh, and he can fly :)
Awww, childlish dreams, but how fantastic...

Well who wouldn't like to be the someone who does nothing and is happy all his life long ? : P This is just the brutal reality that all the people have to deal with. I bet you wouldn't like to don't get old. Would you like to be immortal ? I think it would be hell on earth on even worse. Just look in the begining you are with someone you love that person with years is aging then that special someone passes away. You find someone else " ofc if you are still able to live such a neverending lige " and situation turns out the same once again. After some decades you would be a person without human feelings totally broken down inside.

Well I had to write sth : P
I know that being immortal isn't something so fantastic as it may seem to be at first. Also I don't want to be immortal for real. I think you misunderstood me. I just wish some things to stay the same, I'm afraid of the time but it doesn't mean that I don't want to die. I just feel I'm still not prepared for a new chapter in my life, when I need to be an adult but I'm still a child. I used a metaphore only. ;)

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