over and over.
2009-09-02 @ 01:54:59
Can somebody tell me why nights are so cruel? During the day you seem happy, you have the strenght to leave your problems alone, nothing bothers you. When the night comes you feel hopeless, you can't stop thinking about things you should forget, you're weak and cry easily.
I know, I know. I'm getting emo, depressed and everything I say is how much I hurt.
I guess this pain I feel inside won't leave me alone so fast.
I can't do anything with this now. I need to talk about it, I need to leave all of this sh*t somewhere. As if I could... Awww, I'd give everything to make this life easier. At least for one day, to make this pain go away for one day... It'd be great, really.
Well, people say 'new love is the best cure for old love'. Bullshit. As if somebody could just make himself love somebody else when he can't forget about someone...
And people also say that time can cure every wound. Another bullshit. It can only make you calmer but the wound leaves a scar.
Okay, pessimistic, ignorant, emo kid. Get the fuck up.

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