2009-08-25 @ 01:37:07
Well... Long time no see.
Recovering time is still with me... somehow. But I feel better now. Only nights are filled with some kind of soft solitude, but I'm glad it's not so scary as it was lately.
What scares me the most is the feeling that I won't love again. It's the second time in my whole life when I feel so in love... And everything's so fucked up.
Well, I'll better stop talking about it, maybe it'll be easier to forget some things. Useless things.
Memories are like a cancer.
They destroy you from the inside and you can't stop it.

I miss my college. I wish I could go back there. But it's too late and it's my own fault. Well, his too, a bit... But for him, I'd still be in college... Whatever.
I need to do something with my life or I'll get sick and tired of myself.
Some job, new friends, travel... Stuff like that. Maybe it'll be good for my 'recovering time'.
Anyway, good night everyone.

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