Dmitry Glukhovsky " Underground 2033"
2016-01-17 @ 23:53:48
-Dark? It's so forever. Everywhere is dark. It is coming. ..a big darkness ... that. .. Surround the Earth will be. .. Forever reign-with strange pauses Bourbon said. - -what's that, some sort of book?- said Artyom, noting to himself that he has to make increasing efforts to hear his own words [...]-book. ... Afraid. .. Truths hidden in the old ... the books, where words are turned gold, and paper. ... Black as ebony ... not burning [...] - and beauty ... will be lost and trampled, and ... and suffocate prophets wishing to announce their ... prophecy ... for the day that is coming will ... blacker than their most horrible .. fears, and what they see ... burn their minds [...- I die - said Burbon- me is gone. And like a log he fell face down.
2016-01-10 @ 01:30:07
' Anyone can betray everyone. '

- The Red Queen - Victoria Aveyard
2016-01-10 @ 01:25:35
"Those who have enough courage and perseverance to lifelong staring into the darkness , the first notice him a glimmer of light.
Dmitry Glukhovsky - Metro 2033
#Cakebook7 D.Glukhovshy "Metro2033"
2016-01-01 @ 13:54:33
Hello Cakes!
Today I want to tell You about book "Metro2033".
The story line begins in the year 2033. It presents the lives of people living in the subway after a nuclear holocaust. Survivors are struggling to survive in the Moscow metro network. Their fate goes into the hands of the young Artem.
Dmitry Glukvsky is a Russian poet.The first part of the trilogy He began writing at age 18.
Interesting storyline and the development of actions makes it difficult to divert from reading :). I highly recommend it <3!
2015-12-25 @ 21:30:31
Hello Cakes!
Today I want to tell U about film entitled " The Babadook".
Title Babadook is a nightmare, monster, a character from children's books.
THe story tell about a nurse an her's son. A few day mother let his son choose a book on the night. The son chose.Reading the book moved alarming curse at each other. Monster teased them , and made that his mother fell into madness .
The story is different from all the horrors , which is a big plus for me ! The film is one of my favorite horror movies ; I heartily recommend.
2015-12-20 @ 17:47:50
Hello Cakes today I want to tell You about book, which was my school lecture.
The action " Vengeance " is set at the turn of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Main characters: Czesnik, Rejent, Podstolina,
Papkin, Klara, Waclaw, Dyndalski.All the action is based on the Cześnik who exit the castle or
Rejent. A nowel is a comedy; old Polish language is written.
Aleksandre Fredro was a Pole and an outstanding writer , whose novels conquered the hearts of the people of those years. I think is interesting and fun.,NjA4ODY3MTIsNDY0OTQxMDM=,f,616458_plakat4_medium.jpg
2015-12-16 @ 19:57:04
"Never let anyone outside the family know what you're thinking" ~Vito Don Corleone
2015-12-11 @ 22:06:54
."Friendship is everything. THe friendship. Friendship is more than talent. More than power. Almost equal to the family. Never forget that ".
Mario Puzo~"The Godfather"
#cakebook5/film1 M.Puzo "The Godfather"
2015-12-09 @ 19:52:05
Hello Cakes! :D
Today I want to tell U about 'The Godfather'. 'The Godfather' is a drama with a gangster plot. The film is set in America, New York city. It was directed by Francis Ford Cappola? writen by Mario Puzo. The cast is gorgeus. Marlon Brando plays the role of Don Vito Corleone, al Pacino plays the part od Michale Corleone. A family of Corleone is significant.
It's a story about different experiences and ordinary family from New York, but unsual in the middle. An elderly father wnat to hand over his power to his son. The Godfather is a head of mafia and he lives in different enviranments. He pulls his family to his interests. All of them help him to do 'his bussiness'.
The Godfather is well worth seeing. It lasts about three hours, but spectator feels a thrill and cannot be bored. The plot is unimaginative. I highly recommend it.
2015-12-06 @ 12:53:44
You know that Rick Astley & Nirvana created something interesting C:
2015-12-03 @ 19:42:47
#cakeserial1 "Family Guy"
2015-11-29 @ 23:19:53
Hello Cakes !
Today I want to say You about one of my favourite Serials : "Family Guy". Main characters are : Peter, Louis,Meg, Chris, Stewie. This is not a normal family XD !! All of they " survive " is impossible XD!
Tittle-Tattle #nicbardziejmylnego
2015-11-29 @ 21:28:00
Napoleon Bonaparte had about 160-165 cm height ?
2015-11-23 @ 22:30:59
I reccomend "the godfather" :>. I just watch it now :3
#cakebook4 R.Kotarski "Nic bardziej mylnego"
2015-11-14 @ 01:06:05
R.Kotarski "Nic bardziej mylnego"
Hello cakes!
I want to tell U about book of polish author - Radek Kotarski. Radek is a young historian, youtuber. In him book he debunks myths such as, for example Napoleon was not low. The book is very funny,educational. U should read it to get a few good grades;)
him canal on Youtube:
Paper Towns
2015-11-07 @ 11:05:20
soundtrack c:[/youtube]
#cakebook3 "Paper Towns" J.Green
2015-11-02 @ 21:25:50
"Paper Towns" J.Green

Hello cakes!
I want to tell U about a book whose author is John Green.
"Paper Towns" is a book about a boy - Quentin Jacobsen, who is in love Margo Roth Spiegelman ( but if the reciprocity ?). The book is bored.( of course it's only my opinion)What can I say ? the protagonist is experiencing incredible stories. U should read it :D
We have fun ? [pd]
2015-10-26 @ 23:39:00
"You want to play a war? You want to die not for real?Okay. I'm going to wake up those who sleep in coffins . "
Tittle-Tattle #miasto44 [patriotic days]
2015-10-26 @ 23:24:26
You know that in another country tittle "Miasto44" is written as eng. "Warsaw44", ger."Warschau44" etc. instead of "City44" etc.
Tittle-Tattle #miasto44 [patriotic days]
2015-10-25 @ 01:47:27
Due to the inaction shown in the film Red Army troops distribution of the film in Russia was banned .
#cakebook2 "Miasto44" [patriotic days]
2015-10-25 @ 01:36:08
"Miasto44" M.Mastlerz

Hello Cakes,
I continued this event and I want tell U about a book, which base on movie of Jan[John] Komasa "Miasto44"["city44"].
The book is an interesting,the tension and the situation is rapidly increasing, I think this book is just brilliant.
Ok, stop, we let's get to the story.
Stefan Zawadzki , the main character , the head of the family as his father was killed during the First World War characteristic bent Hanna Zawadzka mother- and brother a few years Hansel Zawadzki . It seems that survive the war peacefully , in the end my mother was an actress , acclaimed actress , offered them a beautiful house and guarantee security , not only rolled think . The novel surprises , contains many thoughts of the main character , aha I did not mention that he was nineteen . Poor boy, so much experience - ;. after a turbulent found through friends ( in love with Stefan !) in the underground. Again passed to change the tragic moments , nice , unexpected , painful. He recognized the " ladybug " (as I did not like: / ) . Well, but not a spoiler you more , what can I say is amazing and so.

Wait a moment, i give you photos :D
#cakebook1 [patriotic days]
2015-10-18 @ 00:58:52
"Dziewczyny z Powstania" A.Herbich

Hello Cakes :D! I want submit U book,which just now end.
"Dziewczyny z Powstania" tells the story of women who survived the war , the Warsaw Uprising. Uprising which began on 9/1/1944 at 5 pm for each of them meant a lot ; First love, crushes , death of loved ones , loss , disappointment and many others. She want lived.
The book reads quickly and easily. I highly recommend.
ps.In the work published numerous photos taken during the war
(Sincerely) And so it began....
2015-10-03 @ 21:06:33
Hello Cakes !
on my second blog : i called you Chucky, but now, on this logorrhea i calling You Cakes. ( Mazur-Mazurek-National Polish mazurek ( cake ) for Easter on this blog I'll describe / reviewing books, serials, movies.
This is english blog. User writes in english. If you would like to have blog like this, you can register your own for free.
Register your own english blog
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