2012-12-27 @ 22:25:53
I'm bored.... This is totally boring evening. My dog sleep, my rats sleep... In TV is nothing special... Cause I decide to log in this web page and work with my english. What I can write? Hm. Today is happen nothing special. I woke up, went for a walk with my dog, I met with my boyfriend, we watched the film "I, Robot" with Will Smith. This film is very good, says about riot a robots. Smith only know what happend, but nobody did't believe in his premonition. So... Today I also play a games - howrse and big farm. Seriously, nothing special. Worse - tommorow maybe was the same. Recenty my life disappointment me... And I must to do with this!.

P.S. Sorry for my mistakes. If you want, you may correct me in the comment :)

Bye and happy new year :)
Hi :)
2012-07-19 @ 08:48:53
Hi! :) I'm new here. And I don't know what I can write... I'm sure that I made many mistakes. So...
At first I introduced me. I'm Pauline and I have 20 years. I love animals, especially dogs, rats, ferrets, guinea pigs, horses, wild cats... I have 3 dog, 3 rats and cat. I dream about ferret. This animal is very funny. I roller skating too. Hm. This site doesn't offer nothing special because this is only help my english. And I write whatever. To only have contact with English. I think that the more speaking, writing the more you know. So you can correct my mistakes in comments. I am be grateful. Thx. :)
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