summer is coming
2006-05-27 @ 15:56:53
The summer is closer and closer ;)
I can't wait until i have free time
I promised myself that i will learn english everyday. I will be writing in english every thing that happen to me :)

I see you can't stand this waiting for summer. Don'y worry you're not only one. I think every student in this world is still waiting for free time. You don't believe but I promised study engilsh in home during summer, too. :)
hello! it is nice blog , ale i won't read him:) i wont lern englisch too:D heh summer is coming ald i weiting too , becous i don't have free time :(
It is good idea, that learn english every day :) I wish a lot of succes for you..:)I cross one's fingers ;) Salute!

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