Deadly Isolation
2006-08-24 @ 14:05:35
Lately I had some free time so I decided a movie. The only title I found was 'Deadly Isolation'.

It tells the story of some thiefs. They have stolen valuable diamonts but something went wrong and they must have hide for a year. After this time they wanted to share diamonts beetween them. It turns out that one of them who kept them died.

To find them they try to get to his wife who lives on an island where everybody knows everyone.

Action was so slow and boring that I wanted to turnt it off.

I honesty discourage you from watching this movie. It's horribly boring. It's wasting of time
28 days later movie
2006-07-23 @ 14:55:25
I haven't been here for a while and so many interesting things happen here.

I can read nice notes other bloggers' :D

I don't have skills to make up any stories. I can only write what happen to me.

Yesterday I watched very weird movie.

It was titles '28 days later'. It was so strange. It wasn't any new movie. It was lying on my shelf for a long time and yesterday I decided to watch it. It tells the story of a virus. A mad scientist do tests on monkeys. He wanted them to be violent. He showed them movies with a lot of blood, killing and violence. I don't know if he discovered a injection but monkeys were crazy. He sad they were infected with mad. Some greenpace volunteers or something like that break into his lab to release monkeys. They didn't know that animals were crazy. When whey let them off monkeys bite them and the illness got to people. If healthy person touch blood of infected person or animal he gets also infected.

Main character wakes up in the hospital 28 days after that accident. He is alone. There is nobody in the city or country. Thing happen in United Kingdom. He walk around the citu looking for anybody. He don't know that there are infected people who want ti kill him....

ufff I got tired writing this.
It's not even a half of the movie but I don't tell you everything just in case you will want to watch it :D
So hot
2006-06-27 @ 14:15:44
uffff it's so hot outside that i can hardly breath. I take shower three times a day and it doesn't help. I tried to sunbathe a little but I can't lay on blanket longer than 15 minutes.

I wanted to be hot weather but this is no what I thought of.

water...... give me water....
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