2010-01-14 @ 20:47:57
O My God...! I'm so sorry that i haven't write since December, but i didn't have much time.!
Maybe i'll write something, on Winter Holiday :)

I'll write soon (I hope)
Big Kisses O_o
I'm back from Berlin !
2009-12-17 @ 11:06:15
Hello :) Yesterday i came back from Berlin at 11p.m. The weather was nice, it was snowy, but a little bit cold. I had got 25 Euro and i've spent it all. I bought some candles,earrings and presents for mom and for sister.

When we came back to Poznań i talked to dad about our trip. He told me that maybe in the next year we will go there for some days, and we will visit museums.
Christmas Time !
2009-12-14 @ 17:44:23
Actually it's 14th of December so we will have Christmas Eve in 10 days. So it is last moment to buy presents, dress up a Chrstmas Tree, decorate our homes and flats.

In my house there is no Christmas Tree yet, but i hope it will be soon.

In two days i am going to Berlin. I can't wait to go there. We will visit technique museum, shopping centre and Reichstag. I think that i will buy some presents for my family there.

So I hope you all enjoy Christmas Time!
So Merry Christmas EVERYONE! ;*

My Sweetie Maniuś
2009-12-14 @ 17:28:34
Today I will only write something about my sweet hamster named Maniek :) He is about 2 month old already, but i've got him since 22.11.09. He is very nervous and timid. But I hope he enjoys new place. I know that in pet shop he lived win one cage with his white sister, so probably he is missing her.
Decision Time
2009-12-10 @ 11:10:16
I am very angry, scared and i don't know how can i decribe my fellings right now. I want to break up with school, but i don't know if it's a good idea. I just don't know if i will pass to next class :( I'm so stupid...wrrr.. :/
English Project...
2009-11-26 @ 12:23:09
I hate school! ^^ This is exhausting week ;P O my god i have to present my project on "My Friend". I had to write about my sister, but sincerely i hate her xd I just didn't have anybody else to write about...

LuV U ;)
Kiss Kiss :***
My Hamster is death! ;((
2009-11-26 @ 12:19:48
On 21th of November something bad happened. My white hamster- Pampers died. ;(

I've cried for hours....

But now I have got a new hamster. His name is Maniuś. He is gray and so sweet :)
Stupid Thursday
2009-11-19 @ 12:14:32
Today is Thursday and I think that I hate this day.! Wrrr... OMG It's horrible! I have got geography contest :P And i will finish school at 4 p.m. xd

I'll write soon .!

Ciao ;***
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