Note 6..
2008-07-20 @ 12:18:17
Today i invite to my forum..
Forum is about music..
Please register ;)

Note 5..
2008-07-18 @ 16:02:18
Today i go to birthday to my friend ;)
hmm.. i like birthday's because there is :
good food, nice pepole and jolly.

and you like birthday's ?

Greeting's for all..
Note 4..
2008-07-17 @ 18:14:12
i love rock, especially Linkin Park.. ;)

L - ovely
I - mpossible to hate
N - ext rock generation
K - nocking out
I - mpossible to say no to a offering ticket
N - ever are losers

P - ossible to love and adore
A - wesome
R - emarkeble
K - nown as the best live performing bands ever !
Note 3..
2008-07-16 @ 21:31:40
I'm angry.. x/
Today me and my team defeat match.. x/ - again.. x(
The question is.. why ?
After all we play nice.. x/

See u..
Note 2..
2008-07-16 @ 15:52:19
Hear my great song..
It's linkin park..
Trust me, they are really great x)

well ?

See u..
Note 1..
2008-07-16 @ 10:28:31
Hi every1 !
I'm new on this site and it's my first note ;)
In my opinion this site it's a great idea ;)
I'm must write on blog systematically ;)

See u..
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