2011-05-28 @ 09:48:09
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It's a beginning of holidays, the longest of my entire student-life . This time is so strange, whole year I didn't have time for myself, the only thing I was thinking of was studying and now - no textbooks, no homeworks, no stress, no bags under the eyes, no acting like a zombie at 6 a.m. (yeah, now it's the middle of my sleep time) and no exams ! I need few months to stop being such a boring, complaining about my high school, one-track-minded person, gosh !
Sweet, I'm doing it again.
Okay, it's time to make my one, main resolution - chill out ! I have four months calling me to relax, no stress. Well... except one month, when I'll be trying to get a driving licence. That's right ! Streets won't be so safe anymore...
I'm kidding ! Well... at least I hope I'm not right. We'll see, maybe I won't be so bad.
Two days ago I bought the book with CD - Spanish course ! In high school for three years I've been learning (well... I've been attending) Italian but I think this language isn't so attractive like Spanish might be for me. I hope one day I'll go to Spain for at least two weeks and spend there wonderful time. I want to feel that exotic atmosphere, see beautiful sea and beach, admire nature, spend hot nights at the beach, dance, lay on the sand and more ! I want to experience an amazing adventure !
And maybe someday I will...
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