My day
2009-09-29 @ 18:34:55
Today is very ugly weather. I don't like such weather, because I go early sleep. Now I am doing my homevork. I had test with Deutschland who wasn't hard. I must finish because I am going for a walk with my dog now.
2009-09-22 @ 18:21:35
I am very wearing, because I have a lot of homevork. I am learning on test. I will be read "Mitologia". I am bad, because I haven't free time today. Tomorrow I have a lot of lesson so I must finish my blog.
Hello everybody!!!
2009-09-16 @ 09:25:56
I am Mati. I am from Murowana Goślina.I'm 16 years old. I like listening music. I like watching volleyball match. In my free time I playing computer games.
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