2009-12-15 @ 18:33:57
Today I got a good marks. I wrote a letter to Deutsch. Now I doing homework. I must doing all page. Tomorrow I will have four hours of physical education.
My hobby
2009-12-15 @ 18:30:20
I like listening to music. I like to play strategy games and watch volleyball and football. In my free time I go my dog for a walk. On weekends I like to ride for shopping
My weekend
2009-11-24 @ 17:39:46
On Saturday I was at the pool with my cousin. A very long time since I swam, but this one does not forget. I played beautifully on. After a long swim, I went to a pizzeria. I was very hungry, but delicious pizza satisfied my hunger.
2009-11-17 @ 17:43:35
Last week, a famous football player Enke committed suicide . It turned out that he struggled with depression because he could not forget about the death of his two year old daughter. He was a good player who played in many famous clubs: FC Barcelona and Hannover 96. At the weekend he had a funeral. Many fans made the signature in the condolence book.
2009-11-17 @ 17:32:20
Today I had the test around fizykii. I am satisfied very much, since yesterday I corrected a poor mark in Polish. Today I learnt, that in polsce it is more and more więce ill from influenza. It is very dangerous, since a few persons already died. my advice is in order to drink hot tea with the lemon.
2009-10-27 @ 18:28:11
Today I have got two tests. When I was returning to house my tram has been spoiled. Now I doing komework from TI. I don't like doing homework but I can't get bad marks. Tomorrow J have got test from polish. Tomorrow is assembling with parents.
My day
2009-10-06 @ 17:43:20
Today I was to a doctor. First time I had collected blood. I have obtained good mark. Now I am doing my homevork from information technology. Tomorrow I am going to learning on test from english and doing homevork from biology.
My day
2009-09-29 @ 18:34:55
Today is very ugly weather. I don't like such weather, because I go early sleep. Now I am doing my homevork. I had test with Deutschland who wasn't hard. I must finish because I am going for a walk with my dog now.
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