2012 Men in Black III
2011-02-28 @ 17:12:55
premiere: 25 May 2012 (Poland) 2012 - 05 - 25 23 of May 2012 (World)

Unpleasantly for me but at the moment he doesn't still have the description of the film;(
2011 Fast Five
2011-02-27 @ 19:23:52
Since Brian (Paul Walker) and Mia Toretto (Jordana Brewster) freed Doma (Vin Diesel) from hands of police, still are escaping from the pursuit. Now they are in Rio de Janeiro. In order to gain independence, they must execute the closing order. So they are assembling the team of select racing drivers. Heroes should however think: is lying in wait for their life certain corrupted businessman. As if that weren't enough, tough federal Luke Hobbs agent (Dwayne Johnson) is planning the ambush on them.

6 May 2011 (Poland) 2011 - 05 - 06 28 of April 2011 (World)

Sanctum (2011)
2011-02-27 @ 16:34:34
The group of skin divers is setting off to the expedition to the greatest system of caves in world. It is the last undiscovered place, called the mother of all caves. The killing beauty of depths is hiding great danger in itself – one mistake can cause irreparable effects. Nobody will learn, that anybody, at any time there was. When the tropical storm forces them to go down more and more low, a fight against the raging element, the dangerous area and the panic attack will start. Whether they will survive and they will find a way of making contact with the sea, or they will be imprisoned in caves forever?

premiere: 4 February 2011 (Poland) 3 February 2011 (World)

The Mechanic (2011)
2011-02-27 @ 16:32:27
Arthur Bishop is paid with murderer, not feeling sorry for his victims. Thanks to his brutal methods he is recognised too one from most industry-leading. When his friend is dying, he is him overcome up to his wings the son and together they are going to impose the revenge.

premiere: 13 January 2011 (World)

A life is films
2011-02-27 @ 08:37:52
If you like films and series write to me I will help you to find them?? Or I can put the side in watching or taking down??
Untitled I Am Legend Prequel (2013)
2011-02-27 @ 08:34:17
Prequel "I am a Legend" it is a chronicle of events of closing dates of the mankind in New York, right in front of it as created with hand of the man the virus caused the plague, leaving Robert Neville'a (Will Smith) only survive amongst the crowd of mutants in the city.

I ask for commentaries

If there is a herald I will add it ;)

Do you likes this film??
The Green Hornet (2011)
2011-02-27 @ 08:25:55

Britt Reid, by day bored with everyday life playboy, at night camouflaged defender of righteous citizens. However he isn't left alone in this fight against the evil, is helping him Kato - champion of eastern pieces of fights.

Plis comments??
Transformers 3 Dark of the Moon
2011-02-27 @ 08:23:27

Autoboty are returning to the ground under the rein of Prime Optimus ’ and in order to fight the ultimate duel with growing up into Decepticonami power which want to take revenge for one's defeat. This time fight of the baulk with work is rolling around the race for the military majority in the outer space. Decepticoni having learnt the lesson of experience are trying to lead to the international conflict between the United States and Russia. For people very Witwicky which once again must can be an only rescue to help one's cosmic friends

1 July 2011 (Poland) 2011 - 07 - 01 29 of June 2011 (World)

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