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2011-03-21 @ 18:20:00

Please to interpret films or you like them???;)

2011 Source Code
2011-03-21 @ 18:13:52
Colter captain Stevens (Jake Gyllenhaal) is waking up on the train driving at high speed. He isn't getting to know the girl sitting by him, he doesn't know, where he is. After 8 minutes from waking him up he is detonating the train. Then the man is becoming convinced that he participates in government experiment about the name: "Code of the immortality" which lets for entering the body of other man at last 8 minutes of his life. Recognizing and stopping the terrorist threatening entire Chicago is setting Stevens...

premiere: 6 May 2011 (Poland) 2011 - 05 - 06 11 of March 2011 (World)

Green Lantern 2011
2011-03-21 @ 18:11:22
Test pilot, of Jordan Halls (Ryan Reynolds) a Sura is obtaining the mystical green ring from hands of the dying Abina alien. This ring is giving him extraordinary powers and the membership of the intergalactic squadron having the task policing in the universe.

premiere: 17 June 2011 (Poland) 2011 - 06 - 17 16 of June 2011 (World)

2011 Priest
2011-03-21 @ 18:07:41
Film produced in technique 3 of D on the basis of the known and very popular comic book of the authorship Min-Woo Hyunga. Bettany Paul will impersonate the figure of the priest of Issac's Ivan which will forsake his allegiance to the church and he will set off with track of the gang of vampires which kidnapped his niece.

premiere: 13 May 2011 (Poland) 2011 - 05 - 13 3 of March 2011 (World)

Vanishing on 7th Street
2011-03-21 @ 18:05:26
A portentous shadow which is consuming next victims is spilling over world. Group rescued is trying to escape the death. Among them they are: Luke, television presenter, employee of the cinema Paul, Rosemary searching for her missing child and James - boy awaiting the mother back. They are finding the refuge in the New York bar by title 7. of street.

premiere: 12 September 2010 (World)

2011-03-21 @ 17:58:49
Imagine the drug which your mastermind is making extremely efficient and causes that you are soaking the vast knowledge up. Drug which is making you remarkably attentive, fast, efficient, not to say attractive. Drug, thanks to which you are overcoming all restrictions. It is becoming inconceivable possible even for Eddie which from the life is expecting nothing. Taking the patent medicine lets him achieve the success he has always dreamt of which. They are a price he is happening to pay which,: headaches, faints, losses of consciousness, unchecked explosions of the violence...

premiere: 1 April 2011 (Poland) 17 March 2011 (World)

Black Thursday. Janek Wiśniewski fell down
2011-03-21 @ 17:57:10
One of Polish productions greatest and the most expected from the time of the film "Popiełuszko. The freedom is in us ". In the upsetting image, compared to awarded Golden Bear of "Bloody Sunday" Paula Greengrassa, Antoni Krauze resembles one of the cards darkest of stories of the Polish People's Republic. Spectacular reconstruction of dramatic events in Gdynia, finished by army units with the brutal pacification of demonstrators and of police force in 1970, distinguish not only a stage production dash...

The Dragon Pearl
2011-03-18 @ 15:55:21
The film is telling about nastolatkch Josh'u (Louis Corbett) and Ling (Li Tench Yin) which with one's parents are staying on archaeological excavations in China. Soon they are finding the mystical dragon deep in the cave which lost one's magic "perłe"...
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