19.10.2010 Sport
2010-10-19 @ 11:33:05
Today I'll talk about sport, becouse I play basketball everyday. Sport is very important in our life. It gives us better health for example. There are too many kind of sports to explain, and I wont do that. I just want to say that everybody should play something for a while. For example if you are angry sport can make you feel better.
2010-10-12 @ 09:51:45
Tomorrow I have a basketball match, so I don't have any lessons, great. I hope I will score enough points :) Next week will be horrible for me. I have 3 tests so I have to study a lot at the weekend. Now I have IT lesson and it started great. Teacher didn't cheek our homework, great!
1 Week, 5.10.2010
2010-10-05 @ 11:01:10
Today we have tuesday.I have a lot to learn for wednesday.I have a maths test tomorrow, so it wont be easy. I hope I wont get any 1 tommorow :)
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