2010-12-07 @ 10:02:30
I write this blog becouse I have to :) We must write a few sentences here and then we will be checked by a teacher. I have no idea what should I write here now so I wrote this ;)
Office Word
2010-12-02 @ 22:05:05
This is a program which is used to create new files, documents. There are also another programs like power point, paint.
2010-11-23 @ 09:56:30
Most people think: What am I doing here? What is this place? School... But There are some positives and negatives. We have to go to school because we have to learn something. School teach us many things. Most students think: Learn, write, and let it go away :). In polish it will be ZZZ- Zakuc Zdac Zapomniec.
Computer Games
2010-11-16 @ 10:00:53
This is one of my best hobbies. My best computer game is Counter Strike. This is action game where we can play online with players from all over the world. It's easy, you have to kill all your enemies or plant and detonate a bomb:)
2010-11-16 @ 09:55:16
This is the first day when I completed all my homework, expecially from chemics (I hate it). I'm proud of myself.
19.10.2010 Sport
2010-10-19 @ 11:33:05
Today I'll talk about sport, becouse I play basketball everyday. Sport is very important in our life. It gives us better health for example. There are too many kind of sports to explain, and I wont do that. I just want to say that everybody should play something for a while. For example if you are angry sport can make you feel better.
2010-10-12 @ 09:51:45
Tomorrow I have a basketball match, so I don't have any lessons, great. I hope I will score enough points :) Next week will be horrible for me. I have 3 tests so I have to study a lot at the weekend. Now I have IT lesson and it started great. Teacher didn't cheek our homework, great!
1 Week, 5.10.2010
2010-10-05 @ 11:01:10
Today we have tuesday.I have a lot to learn for wednesday.I have a maths test tomorrow, so it wont be easy. I hope I wont get any 1 tommorow :)
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