sunday, sunday
2008-01-13 @ 14:12:45
Hi, a day already finich or start. At 16.00 I go to my friends. Her name is Dominika. After we going to our girlfriens Karoliny. There will be great;) I hope.
If here are errors, I'm sorry. Emglish is hard language for me. Sorry.

See you later;)
2008-01-12 @ 15:03:59
Hi, I'am Marika... I have a fiveteen years old. I speak very poor Englisch. I please you a help.

I'am from a Kruchowo. I have three brothers, their name: Radek, Jakub and Kajetan. Jakub and Kajetan are twins. I very, very love their.I loce cycling with my friends. I love read a books, and writing on gg.

See you
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