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2009-12-16 @ 20:06:41
I'm very very happy because next week Everybady have holiday!!!:D CHRISTMAS;D;D;D;D;D:D:D:D:D
I and my family must buy christmes tree, cooking cakes, clean hause,.... .
I wish YOU pleasure, lucky, helth, many presents and good new year!!!!
2009-12-10 @ 07:45:44
This week is the worst week of all!! But soon will be Christmas.We have test with polish, german, history and maths!!!!!! terible!!!!!
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2009-11-25 @ 20:36:10
hi !!
Today I tell you about Galápagos tortoise!!Fully grown adults can weigh over 300 kilograms and 1.2 meters long.They could live 100-150 years!!!That's very very long They are symbol Galapagos
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2009-11-18 @ 20:29:50
On Saturday my parents are going to do party for family, because my Dad has name-day. I'm very happy, because I like party, but I have a lot of work
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2009-11-12 @ 06:28:44
Hi!I'm very happy because my class don't have lessons for two days!3 girs 're telling about economy.One women comes from Russia, secend of Korea and third with Romanians.They are nice and very good speak english
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2009-10-28 @ 21:41:58
Tommorow I'm going to theatre with my class. We go to school at7.50 and we have 2 lessons.After we go to the theatre.
The show started 12 o'clock. I think this play ends about 14.00 and we come bach to home. I think this day will be great !!!!
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2009-10-21 @ 12:00:40
This week is teribble boring, so I write my short plan day.
I get up 6.30 and I go with my dog for a walk and I go to shool
When I comeback to home I again go with dog for a walk and I do homework(if i want)and I eat late lunch.
After I'm watching a film. After I go with my dog for a walk.
I go to sleeeeepp.
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2009-10-14 @ 20:07:04
..., because there are many types of reptiles. These islands are for people who's love trip or climbing,because there are many mountain. Isabela is the hightest point and have 1,707m . The shortest point have 168m, so....
If someone has 100 000$ could be give me because I have goood plan!!!
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