Spring is coming :)
2010-03-08 @ 00:01:26
OMG! It's March! More sun, smile and the day is longer :) In few days will be first day of the spring... But there's not as much signes of the Spring as it was year ago. It's still cold and sometimes is Sun. But it's better than all this stupid, snowy Winter!
Tomorrow I've got test from History ;/ and lots of homework to do on English :( but I can't give up! There is only about three months till the school will be finish! For 2 months of course - holidays! I can't wait! :))
I want holidays! =D

During doing my homework...
2009-11-17 @ 19:01:09
So, what can I say? Like yesterday I just wake up. I don't know why I sleep almost always after school about more than one hour. I think that is effect of this stupid weather! I hate rainy and cloudy days. Because of this I've got headache!
But it's time to do my homework so I must finish.

Kisses :* ;*
2009-11-01 @ 01:12:50
Oh, no!
I have seen that every my posts are added at night! And today is the same situation because Im writting now, and it's five past one a.m ! Ubelieveble...
I have to write now because I must show you my favourite song - for now ! So it's my favourite band's song called "My się nie chcemy bić" which means "We don't want to fight" and next sentence is "We want to kissing" ;D It's very funny and optimics song, so I like it very, very much! Specially the begining of the song... When I'm listening to it I think about carousels and and funfairs :P

Nice listening :D
Reason to SMILE!
2009-10-27 @ 22:49:17
I came to the conclusion that almost every day of our life has got reason to smile.
For example few hours ago I had to pass the flyer! It sounds good because I can get some money but I wasn't too good because I did it in the rain and when was dark... The only reason to smile was that I did it with my friend Weronika ;D We were singing many funny songs so the atmosphere was fantastic to work! Now it's interesting, too because I'm sleeping at Waszka's house so it could bring me more reasons to smile :D Who know...? Anyway, I have to go now cause I'm tired and I must go to sleep :)) Goodnight!
Long time...
2009-10-15 @ 00:12:35
I didn't write here for so long... But it's not my fault. For ten days I wasn't at school. You know about project which I told you few days ago. So I just came from Warsaw. And I have lots of arrears! It's not good but I'm very happy that I could be in this project :) I met lots of crazy people and the best thing is that for a month our polish group is going to visit Israel! It will be great fun! Don't worry =) If somebody want I can send you postcard but I must know your addres.
I don't know what can I write. Tomrrow I have a test from German :/ It's not good :(( I must learn something so BYE BYE ! :D

cYa :P
2009-09-30 @ 11:32:08

I like this song very much! :D
The Rain...
2009-09-29 @ 20:55:09
I don't like rain. And I don't like when it's raining. I hate that wheather! I want to sleep all the time and I'm seek because of that :( I don't feel good. I've got a herrible headache. I don't think that I will go to school tomorrow, but maybe :)
Bye bye ;D
The next note ;D
2009-09-22 @ 19:48:41
Hi everyone,
I'd like to say that I'm very tired again because I just came from the school.
After lessons I went to my last school for a meeting about project "Stones of memory roots". It was very interesting meeting and I can't wait to came group from Israel to Poland! It will be so exciting!!!
But now I must doing my homework :(
I don't want to go to school tomorrow. I want sleep! I love sleeping :) it makes me feel good... But I haven't choise ;/
I'm waiting for a Friday and weekend!
Let's party!!!

Bye, bye ;)

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