2010-12-15 @ 17:05:35
Maby it's my last post!
On next TI lesson my teacher will check our blogs!
I thing that I will get good mark!

Linkin Park!
Internet! Internet!
2010-12-10 @ 13:06:36
Now I have IT lesson.
and we are watching a short film about history of internet and computers.
It's so interesting! xD
2010-12-05 @ 18:05:32
today I baked gingerbreads :)
and it smells so good!

Frank Zappa!

"watch out where the huskies go, and don't you eat the yellow snow"
2010-12-01 @ 18:44:06
Snow! Snow! Snow!
...and -14 Celsius degree! :)
It's first day of December!
and it's time when in markets and radio start playing christmas songs!
Like "Last christmas!" xD

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