2010-10-30 @ 01:38:35
My long weekend starts now! Yeaa!
My plans for this time?
Watching Films!
I have so mamy films which I want to see.
Few minutes ago I'm end watched "Les Triplettes de Belleville"
It's a French animated film.
Maby someone will think that it's a some story for kids. But it's not.
ok. 1.34 am maby I should go to bed?

Sorry for my englisch.!
No idea.
2010-10-25 @ 19:44:51
I don't know what to write...
I have no idea. :/
This blog is boring!
But I have to writie something, cause it's my homework. Omg.

Love this song!
2010-10-15 @ 12:46:23
yea. I know! I make mistakes! But I don't care! Grgrgrgrgr and please! stop writing about it in comments!
Bla bla bla
Coffe & Biology!
2010-10-10 @ 13:15:47
Yeaa. I learning biology.
Tomorrow will be test.
I want to get good mark :)
Cause i'm in class with widened biology and chemistry.
ok.. biology is waitig..:/
I <3 BLUR!
2010-10-03 @ 18:48:54
Hi! What's up? :)
Now I'm watching film on tv. "Knoflíkáři".
It's a black comedy. I like this kind of films.
OK I have to go.
Have a nice day! :*
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