Holiday!!!! Where and when?
2013-07-11 @ 10:09:18
Very soon i will be have two weeks free of my work. Of course i have small problem because i don't know where i could drive :)
I thought about Balkans - it's not so expensive place and it's not so far. But my husband was there three years ago. :(
I am looking for something similar.
Maybe you could help me? Where you will spend your vacation?
Spring coming back
2013-04-16 @ 14:00:46
I love days like today when whole day shine sun and in the outdoors are many people.
During last summer i spoiled my bike. In the next weekend i must take him and repair. I hope it will be nothing serious.
I can't wait when i will sitting and drive far far away. I live on outskirts of the city where i've got a beautiful huge forest. It is the best place for people who loves active movement.
Mayby you write to me something?

What did you usually do in the weekend?
And the next weekend ended
2013-03-25 @ 13:03:02
and it's time to come back to reality.
I hate this day – Monday. Sitting in work I usually think how can i take short nap. With hope nobody will notice me. I think i’m the best worker on world. :)
Excellently we've got a nice weather. Anyway the sun is shines and the roads are dry.

I go twice a week to English school and i learning the level of business. I go there only because my employer sent me on this course. I feel in there like i was absent. I have a problem with a lower level. :)
Tomorrow I will got a test. I must learn though several new words. And many strange for me times.
Keep thumbs for me. :)
See you soon.
It's my first time :)
2013-03-22 @ 12:43:04
Hi all,
I’m Marta and I’ve got 28. I’m from Wroclaw and in this year I made a decision I must learn English language to change something in my life. I think when I will finish learn I will be got more better perspectives in my life. Maybe you want the same like I.
I try write something on this page to check what I really know. 
I sat through one month and I learned a lot of new words but I feel like all was mixed up in my head.

Today it’s the best day in his week. I always waiting on this day – Friday. It’s this day when I try thinking about something nice.
With my boyfriend usually went to friends and doing some interesting things.
In Saturday we will have to buy the door to our new house. We’ve got many work yet. 

You, who read this text, I hope you understand me  I will be very glad.
I’ll talk soon.

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