Meeting and snowing- I love it!
2010-11-25 @ 22:03:23
Tommorow I will spend my free time, after school, with my cousins. So I'm really happy about this meeting. I prefer spending free time with people that I like. As always today I don't have any idea about what I could write. The most important thing that happened these week is that it was snowing. I love winter especially when it's a lot of snow. So that's all I want to talk about.
2010-11-18 @ 19:27:47
School-home and so every day. It's so boring and tiring to many test and others strange thngs. Science is important to get good job. When I'm not in school I could meet with my friends in cinema or shopping center and I really like it. We can talk and just laugh. Laugh is very healthy, so I do it every day becouse I love do it. I do not know what to write on this blog, I have no idea, so I write senseless thing. I know it's stupid but that I am.
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2010-11-03 @ 11:34:27
I'm really sorry thatI haven't wrote so long, but I just forgot. Not much has happened during this time. I met with my friends, we were in cinema and just talking. Since three weeks I'm going to go to the barber shop and none of that. I hope I can get it today. I had to spend halloween with my friends but nothing came of it, just ran out of time. So many things on my head and did not work out with our big plans. I think that is all I wanted to write today, a little more than the last, but I had to make up for the two posts that I forgot to write.
It's enough for now, see you.
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