Math v.2
2010-12-14 @ 23:23:17
Today I wrote my math test. I think i did quite well on it. Now all I have left to do is waiting for results.
Comic Writer
2010-12-13 @ 22:34:30
Do you know web page
You can read there a lot of very funny comic stories!
You can also add your own pictures!
I'm one of users of this portal. I created a lot of my own stories. Some of them even got on the main page!
Why I decided to write a post about it? At present on my computer science we r talking about gimp and all of my pictures ware made in this program.
I don't want to present you my stores, but just my own characters, heroes of my comics.
First one is a punk version of Troll Face.
To create this character i was inspired by sculpture of the Jesus before one of US churches :) - link

This one is my favorite. Maybe you remember the picture of group of computer specialists sitting at a table taken in 90's? You don't? You can find it here!
When i saw it I decided to creat this character:
I hope you liked my pictures!
2010-12-13 @ 22:01:58
There is a big problem with Math in my class. Almost half of us have a threat of a fail. I'm one of them. Tomorrow I'm gonna write a test which can help me get better mark, and save myself from repeating the semester! Wish me luck!
2010-11-25 @ 21:31:40
One week ago our teacher asked us to write a speech about plastic sergery, and present it.
After all this stress i got 5! I'm so happy about it.
Perhaps, one time it will be useful to somebody, so i decided to put it here.

"I'm going to talk about plastic sergery.
The first question is who is interested in it?
Both woman and man. Even teenagers want to change sth in their bodys.
Nowadays it's a kind of fashion.
Moreover plastic sergery becoming cheaper and chaper and that's why more and more people are into it.
I hink in next couple of years the majority of people will change their noses, ears etc. becouse they don't like the way they look, and they want to look younger and more atractive.
At the begining i said that teenagers are also keen on it. Why? The answer is very simple - acne scars. A lot of teens have them. It's embarasing for them. Some teenagers are depresed when they cant have an operation, becouse their parents are not rich enough to pay for them.
Finaly i want to tell you about some effects of plastic sergery. TV always shows only successful operations. You have seen a lot of smiling people in TV programmes. They say thei're happy after plastic sergery, but you have never seen unsuccessful operations. TV simply never shows them. There are a lot of diffrent complications, there is always sth that can go wrong, and you can end up looking worse them before never accepting it.
Victims of accidents, for example, who have got some drifects and want to look normal should go and have an operaton.
Plastic sergery is also very dangerous, becouse you can get addicted to it.
To sum up. Plastic sergery is needed by people who are not satisfaied with their appearence."

Long Absence
2010-11-16 @ 13:59:11
We haven't seen each other for a long time. I had so many tests and homework.
Now i'm going to write more regulary.
I hope you'll still enjoy my posts.
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